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Working from the Home Office? Can I do it?

One of the major flexible working debates within recent years was Yahoo preventing employees from working in the home office. BestBuy followed suit shortly after, but many prominent figures and companies, such as Richard Branson and Vodafone, spoke out against the decision. This article will show you how you can effectively work from a home office, and more importantly, the essential […]

12.01.2016 Reading time: 8 min
Four Day Week on Test

Only working four days a week – a dream of many. But can it work without a loss of earnings? Yes it can. The four day week implies spreading a typical five day job over four days; so for a 40 hour week, this would equate to working 10 hours a day. On which days the work […]

29.12.2015 Reading time: 4 min
Boreout – when Boredom leads to Illness

Everyone knows the concept of “burnout” – the illness of top bosses and the stars. For many workers, it’s quite the opposite: too little to do or the feeling of being unchallenged – Boreout! Most individuals don’t even recognize that they have such a syndrome as they develop a behavioural strategy of believing they always have tasks […]

15.12.2015 Reading time: 3 min
Productivity: To-Stop List – 5 things you should forget today

Take a quick look at your time management skills: do your days simply have too few hours? Do you never know where you should begin? Would you preferably like to flush your to-do list down the toilet and start again? The bad news is that every hamster wheel seems like a career ladder from the […]

01.12.2015 Reading time: 4 min
Successful Performance Reviews laid bare

„My office in 5 minutes please?“ Performance reviews are due, but you’re not prepared. An absolute no-no. Avoid disappointment on both sides by preparing well for each individual employee. Set yourself goals and build a conversation structure. Before the performance review, note down the most important points for discussion so that you don’t deviate too […]

17.11.2015 Reading time: 3 min
Seasonal Affective Disorder – Stop it in its tracks!

The sun finds it difficult to break through the thick clouds and the days are becoming ever shorter. Nature looks forlorn. Everything is grey and dull. Lots of people sink with a lack of motivation, feeling weary and dejected. The mental cliff drop begins with the change of summer to autumn, and doesn’t turn around […]

03.11.2015 Reading time: 3 min
Productivity on the Move: Communication with the Office

You cannot “not” communicate – but so many people seem to do so when on business travel. Communications expert Paul Watzlawick ascertains the question is simply: “how do we want to communicate with each other?” It can be particularly difficult on business travels to remain in efficient contact with colleagues. Good communication is the paramount […]

20.10.2015 Reading time: 5 min
Productivity on the Move: "The Move" itself

Working on the move in the truest sense of the word: working in a form of transport! The bad news: it’s not always comfortable or easy. The good news: With our tips, you can work efficiently on a train, on a plane or in the car with ease! Everything that you need for your business […]

06.10.2015 Reading time: 5 min
Productivity on the Move: The Basics

Where you go, the work goes. Even during business travel or a commute, a few tasks are destined to arise that you have to complete for the office. It’s not always easy to work efficiently on the move; how often have you tried to host a video conference while traveling on a bus?! It doesn’t matter […]

22.09.2015 Reading time: 3 min
Conflict in the workplace: Origins, Reasons and Consequences

Mrs. Jones has a bigger office; Mr. Smith has a bigger pay check: comparisons amongst employees in the workplace can be poisonous – and a breeding ground for conflict! The frustrating feeling doesn’t just emerge with colleagues, but also with the boss. Suddenly, a small conflict in the workplace has become a threat to our career. […]

17.06.2015 Reading time: 3 min
Changing Working Norms – Ready for the Work of the Future?

W-LAN, Smartphones, Tablets, Social Networks and Cloud Computing as far as the eye can see. We have quietly moved towards becoming technology gurus, with statuses rarely differentiating from “Online.” It doesn’t matter where we are, when the sun goes to bed or who we are with; technological progress has us in its grasp and even […]

04.06.2015 Reading time: 4 min
Generate New Ideas in Your Team – Creativity Techniques with a Difference

Creativity is the key ingredient for successful management of projects and helps bring light on original ideas. However, many of us are not simply able to switch on our creative side, which is why we have searched out some creativity techniques that are straight-forward to follow and may just help you find that quick solution […]

23.05.2015 Reading time: 3 min
Holiday at Home: How to Manage Stress and Relax on a Staycation

Not everyone wants to travel the world for their holiday. The drain on savings, finding the will to pack and last-minute organizational chaos? Whether makeshift or desired: a holiday at home should be at the top of the list! Even if holidays away from home appear to promise more relaxation – staycations save a considerable amount […]

10.05.2015 Reading time: 4 min
Project Management and Teamwork: Master Project Milestones Successfully in Your Team!

Managing complex projects demands the know-how of several employees and organised teams; project tasks must also be thoroughly planned and procedures coordinated. However, this is where things can often go wrong, because a lack of organisation with project management is not uncommon in most businesses. Nevertheless, many companies rely on team work, which is why […]

28.04.2015 Reading time: 3 min
Optimal Time Management without Time Wasters and Distractions

Many of us wish we could whip our time management skills into shape to achieve maximum output and success. However, avoiding distractions and potential time wasters at home or in the office is not as easy as it may seem at first and for this reason, outlined below are some of the worst and most […]

02.04.2015 Reading time: 3 min
“Warning: this chair is damaging your health!“ – Ergonomic Workplace

Do you have an aching neck, heavy legs, and overstrained eyes? You may not realise it, but this is often due to having a poorly arranged work space; perhaps your desk is at the wrong height, you sit too close to the computer or everything on your desk is placed too far out of reach. […]

13.03.2015 Reading time: 2 min
The 9 Most Exciting Home Office Jobs

Do you want to earn a comfortable living from home?!? Call us! we have THE job for you!“ Here is our pick of the nine most exciting jobs which can be carried out from home… 1. Online Journalist/Author/Professional Blogger Writing can be performed in any part of the world and a change of scenery can […]

02.03.2015 Reading time: 5 min