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How to find the right Time Tracking Software for your business

Time tracking software is a popular alternative to a traditional timesheet because of its efficiency and potential to boost productivity. Regardless of your business and needs, it’s important to look over all the features of time tracking software so it can be tailored to your business in order for your operations to keep running smoothly. Choose a solution with the below main features:

17.11.2016 Reading time: 8 min
Why does a company need Employee Time Tracking & Absence Management?

One of the challenges that many businesses face is to keep track of employee working hours. Many businesses keep detailed timesheets but this is often a time-consuming and inaccurate solution. Without a proper time tracking method, you are not able to know how you and your team realy spend each workday. Find out the huge benefits of a time tracking tool for your business.

24.10.2016 Reading time: 6 min
Benefits of measuring employee time with a biometric time clock solution

What are biometrics? Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic, such as a fingerprint. Fingerprint reader to clock in and out A biometric time and attendance system reads the uniquely identifiable characteristics of a fingerprint and associates an employee. When an employee identifies themselves by fingerprint, the […]

23.09.2016 Reading time: 3 min
Visit TimeTac at CeBIT 2013:

Experience how new technology can create new possibilities: from 5th until 9th March in Hanover, TimeTac are showing you the complete portfolio of innovation and efficient time tracking for businesses of all branches. At our stand in Hall 7, we will present to you task and branch specific solutions for: Work time tracking, timesheets and […]

19.02.2013 Reading time: 2 min
A Piece of Cake: Post-Dated time tracking in TimeTac

Do you want to easily be able to record your times for activities at a later date? No problem. With post-dated time tracking from TimeTac, in an already familiar excel style, you can record the times for one or more employees in a jiffy. You can record times for a single day, or a whole […]

23.08.2012 Reading time: 1 min
Everything on one screen – The TimeTac Multiuser View

Begin time tracking with just one click – easily track all tasks and customer-related activities in the TimeTac workshop view. Simply click on the relevant task or client and time tracking will begin automatically. Changing from tasks to clients works in exactly the same way as starting time tracking: simply click on the relevant client […]

06.05.2012 Reading time: 1 min
Product care – Live Start with Buttons in TimeTac Pro

After listening to requests made by our clients, we decided it was necessary to incorporate the buttons for starting, stopping and changing tasks used in the “Punch” and “Light” versions of TimeTac into the “Pro” edition. As a result, selecting tasks in all three versions of TimeTac has never been so straightforward: Not a customer […]

05.04.2012 Reading time: 2 min
Leave Management made easy

The leave management add-on available in TimeTac presents you with all the necessary features for effective processing of employee leave and bonus time entitlements. The add-on has been optimally integrated into the basis programme so that you benefit from an extended range of functions that maintain clarity and ease of use. All calculations relating to […]

24.01.2012 Reading time: 1 min
Who, When, Where? – Better Task Management with GPS Time Tracking

Activating “GeoLocation“ in the mobile version of TimeTac enables you to save the current GPS position of task start and finish times as a time marker – these can then be analysed in the manager version of TimeTac. This enables a manager to always have an overview of where and when employees closed a task. […]

13.01.2012 Reading time: 2 min
Payroll Accounting in TimeTac

Tracking work time in TimeTac makes it easy for you to manage your payroll accounting. The add-on for payroll accounting together with the individual working time models has the flexibility to respond to any individual requirements outlined in your company. Below is a screenshot of payroll accounting in TimeTac: The add-on for payroll accounting in […]

28.12.2011 Reading time: 2 min