Holiday at Home: How to Manage Stress and Relax on a Staycation

Not everyone wants to travel the world for their holiday. The drain on savings, finding the will to pack and last-minute organizational chaos? Whether makeshift or desired: a holiday at home […]

Not everyone wants to travel the world for their holiday. The drain on savings, finding the will to pack and last-minute organizational chaos? Whether makeshift or desired: a holiday at home should be at the top of the list! Even if holidays away from home appear to promise more relaxation – staycations save a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. Just think of feeding the pets, or the congested highways. Staycations can resultantly be more relaxing! Particularly as you will never find somebody else’s beach towel on your deck chair in the garden.

Nevertheless, staycations do have a pitfall: the difficulty in escaping the daily grind. Finally you have the time to tie up those loose-ends around the house and garden… but colleagues continue to call and e-mails are creeping into your inbox every day. Then you ask yourself: where is the supposed relaxation in this holiday? How can somebody begin to escape this stress? Small tips and tricks will show you how to approach stress management and scoop up long lasting relaxation. If nothing else, how you can return to work fit and healthy once again.

A Holiday at Home is still a Holiday!

The first rule of stress management: the same should for apply for a staycation as it does for a holiday on the other side of the globe! Don’t throw yourself at the housework on the first day of the holiday. The first free day should pass by calmly, telling your body: now is your holiday and it is going to happen! Think to yourself, what does relaxation in a holiday mean to you: spending time with the family? Lie-ins and reading books? Exploring the environment or trying a new sport? Set out three holiday priorities and plan your holiday itinerary as if you were travelling abroad.

Escape the routine

A holiday means breaking the norm, trying new things and discovering the unknown. This is the most important way to manage stress during a staycation! Do not go on any excursions to places that you already know and definitely do not do any activities that you already do after work! Help maintain relaxation on a staycation by completing tasks such as repairs, cleaning or tax returns beforehand, if possible. The holiday programme should not be a collection of already known or work intensive tasks. The plan should be creative and always be in the back of your mind to avoid deviation.

A Holiday is a Holiday, Work is Work

The temptation to inform your colleagues of what you are doing is always near with a staycation. It will not be too uncommon to have colleagues on the phone, and with every incoming call or e-mail, no matter how short, the relaxation will fade away. These have no place in helping stress management and down-time. It is no wonder that relaxation tends towards zero by the end of a staycation. Avoid business contacts as much as possible – A Holiday is a Holiday, Work is Work.

Work won’t Disappear on a Staycation

Washing clothes, cooking food, cleaning the house. Unfortunately, chores that are unavoidable fall into any holiday programme. Such work must also be done outside of activity time whilst on holiday elsewhere. Dismiss the thought that everything has to be done now just because you’ve found the time. How about, for example, dividing everyday tasks amongst the family? Everyone can clear their own rubbish away. The oven can also take a holiday during your staycation; going out to eat is a good alternative. Indulge yourself occasionally and leave the housework alone. It’s guaranteed that it won’t run away!

Overcoming Stress and that “Holiday Feeling“

A holiday on a tropical island can also stay away. To help start the relaxation and stress management, we need to find that holiday feeling in the staycation! Holiday style dishes and songs will turn your home into a “Staycation Hotel“ in no time. Make yourself feel comfortable, possibly with a cocktail on the sun lounger? Many combine relaxation with a holiday on the water: the nearest lake is just as good as the next. Allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing at times. Or the opposite: do crazy things to make that holiday at home unforgettable!

Staycations can be at least as relaxing and exciting as a holiday in distant lands. Right in front of your door lie many unexplored spots on the map that can enrich your holiday at home. Why travel afield, when the best lies so near?