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Mistakes At Work – 3 Tips On How To Deal With Mistakes

by Magdalena Fladl, 11.08.2017

Whether you messed up a task or you showed a certain behavior that puts a negative light on you - mistakes can happen any time. More important is how you react and deal with them. Here are the tips on what to avoid at work and how to react.

Taking Credit For Someone’s Work

Nothing feels better than knowing you have accomplished a task, but how would you feel about someone else taking credit for it? Exactly! No matter how small the accomplished task may seem – there might have been a lot of work to do and stealing credit creates the impression that you haven’t accomplished anything yet.

Tip: Mistakes can happen! Allow yourself to feel awful about it and take responsibility for it.

Apologize briefly saying that you acknowledged your mistakes and try to move on.

Telling Lies

Getting caught up in a lie leads to major conflicts and mistakes. Most of the time people lie in order to cover up mistakes, to avoid disagreements and conflicts or to protect someone.No matter how small a lie is and what your intentions were – once someone realizes you lied to them there is no going back.

Tip: Be honest! Keeping up lies takes a lot of effort and is exhausting. At some point the truth will eventually come out so it’s better to be honest right away. If you happen to find yourself caught up in a lie, start telling the truth and apologize for what you have done. Try to earn trust back through your actions – not words. Apologizing might be the first step but in order to be trustworthy again you have to take actions and prove you learned from your prior mistakes.

Messing Up At Work

Good employees make mistakes. Great leaders allow them to.”  As already said – everybody makes mistakes. Some situations allow you to rectify your error and move on. However, at work it can be more serious depending on how your mistake affects others.

Tip: Be aware of how your mistakes affect other projects and colleagues and what the consequences might be. Owe your mistakes and keep things in perspective even though you might be upset with yourself. No matter what kind of mistake you make at work – try to fix the problem. While making a mistake is not a good thing at all it gives you the chance to now prove your problem-solving skills.


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