Activating “GeoLocation“ in the mobile version of TimeTac enables you to save the current GPS position of task start and finish times as a time marker – these can then be analysed in the manager version of TimeTac. This enables a manager to always have an overview of where and when employees closed a task.  In the overview for closed tasks, icons have been used that show whether or not an employee ended a task on site or by using a mobile device. By clicking on the relevant icon a map will display exactly where the task was closed, as shown below:

An extended version of position data tracking in TimeTac not only displays to you data of previously tracked locations, but it also identifies the current working location of your employees. Please note: as this version handles sensitive data, corresponding regulations and employee approval are required in order to use the service.

Try out the free demo of TimeTac and see for yourself how well TimeTac can revolutionise your project time tracking.

The most important features of TimeTac:

  • Exact tracking of working time and breaks – live and ex-post with time sheets!
  • Allocation of working time to projects, tasks and clients
  • Intuitive use of a web browser via PC or smart phone
  • Wide range of features available for data analysis
  • Many opportunities available for importing and exporting data.