Time and Attendance Recording for your Facilities Staff

  • NFC and Fingerprint options; prevent buddy clocking
  • Solutions for time tracking with smartphones
  • Checkpoint logging of locations and sites visited
  • View available personnel resources and deployment
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... we are now able to structure our daily tasks and keep track of important information. Accounting, leave management and mobile time tracking with GPS complete an overall package ...

Convenient and quick thanks to biometrics

Easily track attendance, arrival and departure times as well as breaks. Employee time clocks are a convenient solution for this; place in a staff room or reception area and track time using an NFC key ring or by reading a fingerprint; a great solution to avoid buddy clocking.

Track employees, sites, activities and tasks

The data you need is the data that is captured. See live reports of time tracked by each employee, in which locations, working on which activities and for which client. All of this data can naturally be exported or integrated with other applications.

Smartphone solutions make location identification easy

Checkpoint time tracking allows you to know which locations your employees have visited on their daily working routine. A simple contact of a smartphone with an NFC sticker that is affixed to a location tracks that employees arrival; ideal for those who frequently work in multiple rooms or buildings.

What solutions can we offer you to help manage your employees? Here are our products...

Employee Time Tracking

Conveniently track time and attendance, including arrival, departure and break times. Solutions with time clocks and smartphones as well as checkpoint location monitoring.

Project Time Tracking

Employees record their time against specific projects and tasks; ideal for those who want a statistical breakdown of how much time is spent on each activity.

Leave Management

The ideal planning tool for managing employee absence and annual leave. Automatic entitlement calculation, personnel resource planning tools and a request and approval workflow in the one system.