Solution for Tracking Time and Attendance, optimised for the trade

  • Convenient time tracking with smartphones
  • Record arrival and departure times at different visits
  • Optionally track location via GPS
  • View time tracking data from the office or from the smartphone app
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... Our employees value the new level of responsibility they have been given with tracking their times. Being able to track data via a PC, smartphone and through multiuser terminals have proven to be very useful ...

Track on the job; monitor from the comfort of your office

Tracking visits to customers and the hours worked has never been easier. From the comfort of the office, see the current working status of your employees and view records of working hours. The system is easy to use and can be deployed across companies with a handful or a hundred employees.

Smartphones offer convenient time tracking while on the move

Arrived at the job site? Record your arrival with our smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The time tracks in the background while you work, then when you finish recording time for that job, you can track the commuting time and mileage expenses to the next!

The exact data you need, when you need it

When your employees are deployed on a daily basis, it can feel like they have fallen out of your grasp of control. Up-to-date data can be displayed at any time with TimeTac, so you can see the arrival, departure and break times of all your employees. The data can be printed or exported for you to use as you see fit.

How can we help your tracking of time and clients? Take a look at our solutions

Employee Time Tracking

Simple time and attendance tracking; employees log their working hours via a smartphone when they are out on the road. All data can be viewed and monitored from a computer in the office.

Project Time Tracking

Similar to employee time tracking, but working hours can be recorded against specific projects and tasks. Great for calculating expenditure costs of activities and invoicing customers the right amount.

Leave Management

The solution for leave management allows employees to request their annual leave and offers you the resources to process that request. Personnel calendars ensure your plans account for sickness, public holidays and vacations.