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Are your business-partners looking for simple and flexible online solutions to track working hours, monitor attendance and manage annual leave?

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TimeTac helps you expand your product portfolio without great effort or costs and offers commission for each successfully closed business deal.

The TimeTac products include:

  • Employee Time Tracking: Employees record their arrival, departure and break times, creating reports of their attendance and working hours.
  • Project Time Tracking: Record time spent on specific projects, tasks and clients, creating accurate statistics per activity and simplifying the invoicing of clients.
  • Leave Management: Automate the entire process of leave entitlement calculation, holiday requests, public holidays and more.
  • Employee Scheduling*
*Add-on for Employee and Project Time Tracking. Allocated shifts and assign employees across multiple locations.

Benefits of working with TimeTac:

  • Expand your product portfolio
  • Earn a commission for each successful business deal
  • Profit from special conditions for TimeTac products
  • Join in coordinated marketing and sales performance campaigns
  • Free use of our advertising materials for your marketing and sales efforts


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How it works:

You get a request in the field of time and productivity tracking and get in contact with us. We discuss requirements, details and next steps, and afterwards directly contact your customer recommendation. For each successful business deal, you’ll get a commission for the entire duration of the customer relationship.

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TimeTac is an innovative software company that focuses on mobile and user-friendly project, attendance and time management solutions. TimeTac offers flexible and customer-focused time tracking solutions for all industries and business sizes.


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