TimeTac NFC Time Tracking

NFC Time Tracking

Easily Track Time with NFC Tags

  • Optimal for location and task-related time tracking
  • Mount NFC transponders on any objects or machines
  • Ideal for construction sites or patrol routes
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NFC Time Tracking

Track Time Contactless with NFC Tags and Ensure That Areas Are Being Visited at the Correct Time

  • Track Time Contactless with NFC
  • Track Working Hours and Projects via NFC Technology
  • Location and Task-Related
  • Start and End of Time Tracking with NFC Tags
  • NFC Tags on Objects and Machines
  • Reports for Proof of Performance
  • Offline Functionality
  • Combinable with All TimeTc Modules
  • Combinable with All Time Tracking Devices
TimeTac time tracking with NFC tags

Track Time with NFC Tags

Place NFC transponders on machines and objects and easily track time on projects and tasks.

TimeTac's NFC time attendance is ideal for both project-based and location-based time tracking. Easily allocate tasks to an NFC tag and assign specific tasks directly to an object, building, or machine. Time tracking will start automatically for the specific task that is allocated to the NFC tag. All you need is TimeTac’s Project Time Tracking, an NFC-enabled smartphone, and an NFC transponder, and you can immediately start tracking your time via the TimeTac App. Our NFC smartphone solutions make recording working time on construction sites a breeze! The app also works offline if no internet connection is available.

Your Data Is in Good Hands

We protect your data from data loss and ensure a high-performance software operation with extensive entry and access controls and automatic daily backups.

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GDPR compliant: Data protection and security at TimeTac

NFC Time Tracking for Any Industry

Ensure that tasks are completed on time by tracking time via NFC tags allocated to buildings or machines.

Employees can easily navigate their various working locations, contacting NFC tags with the corresponding task to start time tracking in each location. In the healthcare or security sectors, you can assign NFC tags in different areas or buildings so employees can directly and accurately track their time in each building. Easily track time and attendance data on the site or in the office on the construction site. NFC tags can be allocated to various buildings so employees can track their working time and location across multiple construction sites. Each construction worker can easily track their time with an NFC-enabled smartphone.

TimeTac NFC time tracking for any industry

We Have the Perfect Solution for You

We are here to support you from the initial consultation up to our systems' implementation and daily use.

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TimeTac time tracking software

We Flexibly Adapt to Your Needs

Use our products separately or combine them into a compact time tracking system.

TimeTac offers modules for Employee Time Tracking, Project Time Tracking, and Leave Management - either choose to use them separately or combine them to a compact time tracking system. Select all modules or choose only the functions you need for each employee at the moment - thus, you ensure that only the functions your employees need are available. Use NFC time tracking in combination with our time tracking software on PC/Mac or with a clocking in machine depending on your employees’ working area. All devices can be used flexibly depending on the working situation and location.

Benefit From Numerous Features and Advantages of Our Software

TimeTac is easy, fast, user-Friendly

Easy, Fast, User-Friendly

TimeTac is perfectly configurable<

Perfectly Configurable

Integrate TimeTac optimally into other systems

Optimal Integration with Other Systems

TimeTac is secure and reliable

Secure and Reliable

TimeTac is worldwide available

Available Worldwide

TimeTac offers outstanding support and service

Outstanding Support and Service

What Our Customers Say

Alexander Lange about working with TimeTac
Alexander Lange, Admedia

"TimeTac has allowed us to keep an eye on working hours, projects, and leave management. Flexible, solution-oriented, and reliable. Very good customer support completes this product. This is how we imagine a perfect partnership".

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