Time Tracking for the Retail Industry

Make Time Tracking Easy and Efficient for Your Employees

  • Simple and user-friendly: time tracking via clocking in machine
  • Central management: Overview of all locations and employees
  • Minimize administrative effort: Automatic timesheet reports
  • Efficient planning: Manage vacation and absence online
  • Secure: GDPR compliant time tracking
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Working Time, Employees, and Stores at a Glance at All Times

Uncomplicated time tracking at the point of sale and efficient management of multiple locations.

Time tracking in retail must be efficient, accurate, and flexible. Working time is often tracked at different locations. Our time tracking software meets this challenge with customized time tracking solutions that employees can use directly at the point of sale. Use existing hardware, such as PCs or tablets, as well as our clocking in machines. The data from all locations is transferred to the central system simultaneously, giving you complete transparency. With TimeTac's Leave Management, you plan available employees efficiently and securely.

The Best Service

Take advantage of our experience in the retail industry and benefit from our onboarding service, training, and webinars. Even though TimeTac is easy to use, the free customer support is always there for you!

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TimeTac Services for the Retail Industry

Track the Working Time of Your Employees Efficiently and Intuitively

Let your employees track time using the Evo Basic clocking in machine or the cost-effective multiuser access.

The Evo Basic clocking in machine from TimeTac can be used stationary at the point of sale. Your employees log on to the clocking in machine in the store in a matter of seconds using an RFID/NFC key fob and track the start and end of working time as well as breaks and other absence time. Employees can also track time for specific tasks using Project Time Tracking. Another option to track time at the point of sale is the so-called multiuser access from TimeTac, which can be used on existing hardware such as tablets or PCs. Here, employees identify themselves through a pin code via the user interface.

Certified and Secure

With server locations located solely in the EU and GDPR-compliant time tracking, your operational data is well protected from unauthorized access.

More on Security and Data Protection
TimeTac Time Tracking for the Retail Industry GDPR Compliant
TimeTac Time Tracking for the Retail Industry Timesheet Report

Calculate working time of your teams automatically

Easily Keep an Overview of All Locations

Information of all employees and locations is visible in the system.

TimeTac's time tracking system gives you access to all of your employees' data. Despite different locations, you manage employees and all data in a single system. Individual reports allow detailed insights. Get all the information at a glance and efficiently control your points of sale. A comprehensive concept regarding roles and rights supports efficient administration and regulated access to the system. Simply define, for example, who has access to which timestamps and who may accept or reject requests for leave days or other absences.

Flexible Time Tracking and Digital Management of Your Locations!

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Significantly Reduce Your Administrative Workload

Manage working time models and default settings. Benefit from automatic timesheet reports.

Our time tracking software for the retail industry helps you perform administrative tasks more efficiently. Working time, for example, is tracked with just one click and the timesheet report evaluates the tracked time, taking into account public holidays, leave days, and other absences. Various overtime, bonus rates, and core time regulations can be mapped and managed via the integrated working time models. All data is available and can be exported or transferred directly to other systems via interfaces. Escape error-prone written records or Excel lists.

Integrate TimeTac into Your Existing Infrastructure

Our time tracking software fits perfectly into your existing infrastructure with various interfaces and complements your management.

More on Integration & API
TimeTac Time Tracking for the Retail Industry Integration and API

Simplify the Administration of Leave Days or Other Absences

Manage leave days and other absences effortlessly with TimeTac's online Leave Management.

Employees can easily track all absence times with just a few clicks. The current holiday entitlement balance is automatically displayed and available to you and the respective employee. In addition, your employees submit requests for leave days and other absences digitally in an uncomplicated manner. With the help of approval workflows, you can process them quickly and easily. With the country-specific holiday calendar, you also take all public holidays into account. Get a quick overview of all your employees' absences with the annual, departmental, and team calendars and effortlessly plan your employees' absence times.

Our customers' success speaks for itself

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The Most Important Benefits of Our Time Tracking Software Solution

TimeTac is easy, fast, user-Friendly

Easy, Fast, User-Friendly

TimeTac is perfectly configurable<

Perfectly Configurable

Integrate TimeTac optimally into other systems

Optimal Integration with Other Systems

TimeTac is secure and reliable

Secure and Reliable

TimeTac is worldwide available

Available Worldwide

TimeTac offers outstanding support and service

Outstanding Support and Service

What Our Customers Say

TimeTac Customer Reference Schreibfuchs Remshalden
Gerald Fahnenbruck, Schreibfuchs Remshalden

"Especially for small businesses, this is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool with a fair price model. It helps me get a transparent overview of the working hours of my employees and makes payroll easier. Especially the automatic holiday calendar function and the leave management options save me time and reduce the error rate."

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