TimeTac Offers Solutions for All Industries and Company Sizes

TimeTac Time Tracking for Agencies

Assign working time directly to tasks, projects, and clients and create accurate proofs for your clients with our web-based agency software.

TimeTac Time Tracking for Architects
Architecture Office

Track time on the go, your PC/Mac, or terminal in the office. Keep track of all projects with time tracking for architects.

Anytime, Anywhere

With TimeTac, you map country-specific regulations accurately for each company location.

TimeTac Time Tracking for Medical Practice
Medical Practice

Track working time, plan absences efficiently and reduce your administrative workload with TimeTac time tracking for medical practices.

TimeTac Time Tracking for Construction Site
Construction Site

Keep track of your employees on the construction site at all times with mobile time tracking via terminal or smartphone, optionally with GPS and NFC.

International Employees or Transnational Branches

With TimeTac, you get the ideal multilingual time tracking system.

TimeTac Time Tracking in the Office

Easily and quickly track working time and efficiently manage leave days or other absences. Benefit from the smart time tracking solution for modern offices.

TimeTac Time Tracking Cleaning Services
Cleaning Service

Employees track their time with TimeTac mobile on-site, optionally location-based with NFC and position data for start/end of the timestamp. Get a live overview of where your employees are currently working.

No Matter Which Industry

TimeTac offers a time tracking solution perfectly adapted to your company.

TimeTac Time Tracking for the Retail Industry
Retail Industry

Use TimeTac directly at the shops on existing hardware or the terminal. All data is visible for you in the system.

TimeTac Time Tracking for Craftsmen

Gain valuable insights into your orders thanks to online time tracking. Save time and effort in personnel management and invoice on time.

What Does the Agency Have in Common with the Engineering Firm?

They all track time for their projects and prove their performance with TimeTac.

TimeTac Time Tracking for Civil Service
Government Organizations

The performance of employees in different areas and locations becomes easy to track with TimeTac.

TimeTac Time Tracking for Health Care Facilities
Health Care Facility

Whether for mobile care services or inpatient care facilities - with TimeTac, you get a demand-oriented time tracking solution.

Production Sites or Health Care Facilities

The TimeTac terminals allow employees to track time easily and quickly.

TimeTac Time Tracking for Production Site
Production Site

TimeTac can be used in various ways and across devices for workshops, warehouses, and more. Easily plan for all areas clearly and efficiently.

TimeTac Time Tracking for Security Service
Security Service

Attach NFC tags to your operation site to set up checkpoints and record and prove time in seconds via NFC smartphone.

Your industry is not listed?

We have the ideal time tracking solution for your business field as well. Contact us free of charge and without obligation for an initial consultation!

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