Time Tracking for Health Care Facilities and Workers

Make Time Tracking Easy with TimeTac

  • Ideal for outpatient care: Mobile time tracking via smartphone
  • Optimized for care facilities: Time tracking on PC & clocking in machines
  • Efficient leave management with approval workflows
  • Full transparency: performance records reports within one click
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Time Tracking for Health Care Facilities with TimeTac: Desktop, mobile Device, Time Clock

Mobile Time Tracking for Outpatient Care Services

Easily track working time on the move and simplify payroll accounting.

TimeTac offers a mobile time tracking solution for home care services. Your employees simply track working time via smartphones directly via the TimeTac time tracking app, optionally on clients and tasks. TimeTac also offers the option for your employees to conveniently track time via NFC smartphone based on location when starting and ending tasks. With TimeTac, you can prepare payroll in just a few minutes, saving valuable time.

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A Comprehensive Time Tracking Solution for Inpatient Care Facilities

Track attendance and absences with demand-optimized Employee Time Tracking and Leave Management.

In care facilities, your employees track working hours efficiently and accurately via PC or clocking in machines. You can view this data simultaneously in TimeTac. Keep an overview of your employees' attendances and absences, overtime, bonus rates, working time models, and leave days. Your nursing staff can also view their timestamps and their working time and holiday entitlement at any time. In addition, TimeTac simplifies communication between you and your employees thanks to the approval workflow for absence requests such as leave days, sick leave, or comp time.

Outstanding Service for Care Facilities

We support your care facility from the start with comprehensive services such as free support, optional onboarding service, training, and webinars.

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TimeTac Services for Health Care Facilities

Accurately Track Your Working Hours with Just a Few Clicks

Quickly transfer all data to your payroll system and easily create customized reports.

The data from time tracking forms the basis for numerous report options and can be quickly and easily transferred to payroll. TimeTac offers accurate and quickly created reports by user, project, client, or task for time tracking and documentation in care facilities. You determine the time frame of the report and the individual criteria.

Beneficial Features of Our Time Tracking Software

Easy, Fast, User-Friendly

Easy, Fast, User-Friendly

Perfectly Configurable<

Perfectly Configurable

Optimal Integration with Other Systems

Optimal Integration with Other Systems

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

Available Worldwide

Available Worldwide

Outstanding Support and Service

Outstanding Support and Service

What Our Customers Say

Customer Reference Medical practice Dr. Michael Mündler
Dr. Michael Mündler, Joint Practice Dres. Mündler

"TimeTac is an affordable and flexible solution for us as a joint practice to plan and organize our employees' work schedules and absences."

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