TimeTac Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

Smart and Flexible Time Tracking

  • Minimize administrative costs by simplifying time tracking
  • Increase productivity with intuitive and detailed reports
  • Add transparency and accuracy with live time tracking
  • Cut down on mistakes by tracking time down to-the-second
  • Can be used on any device no matter where you are
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Online Time Tracking Software

Work Efficiently - Save Time and Costs

Easily track working hours, project hours and absences. Accurately, in real time, with only one click. Accessible anytime, anywhere via PC/Mac and smartphone or tablet.

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TimeTac Time & Attendance System

Modular Time and Attendance System That Fits Your Needs

Use TimeTac as a complete time tracking system or use our products separately.

We offer a comprehensive cloud-based time and attendance solution for employee time tracking, project time tracking, and leave management. You can choose to combine any of our modules so that your time tracking system is perfectly adjusted to your individual requirements. Due to the flexibility of our software, our time tracking solutions fit perfectly for companies of any size and any industry, no matter where they operate.

Time & Attendance System

Get To Know Our Products

Employee Time Tracking

  • Calculate total worked hours/breaks
  • Set up timesheet approval workflows
  • Stay compliant with legal requirements
  • Import data into payroll accounting
  • Detailed employee productivity reports

Project Time Tracking

  • Track time on tasks, projects, or clients
  • Flexibly structure projects
  • Quick overview of your project status
  • Track projects on-the-go
  • Run detailed statistics and reports

Leave Management

  • Easily manage absences
  • Define approval workflows
  • Calculate holiday entitlement
  • Quickly define substitutes
  • Public holidays templates worldwide

Time Tracking That Fits Your Working Environment

Make it easier for your employees to track their working time according to the requirements of your company.

Choose the type of time tracking that best supports your working environment. In-office employees can easily track their working hours from the convenience of their PC or Mac . Mobile employees can track time via a terminal and the multiuser app on the smartphone or tablet. While your employees are on the go or on business trips, they can use the time tracking app with NFC technology and GPS position data. All of these time tracking options can be combined or chosen individually. The data are synchronised across devices.

TimeTac Zeiterfassung Tools

Our time recording systems adapt to your working situation

Track Time on Any Device

Employees record their time with just a few clicks on their PC via the browser or offline via the desktop app.

Does your team work on a Mac? TimeTac is optimized for time tracking with macOS and mobile time tracking as an iOS app.

With the TimeTac mobile apps for Android and iOS, your employees track time on the go via smartphone or tablet - even offline.

With clocking in machines, your employees log in fast and secure via pin code, RFID/NFC key fobs or fingerprint.

TimeTac Time Tracking Solutions for every Industry

Time Tracking Solutions for Every Industry

Time Tracking Tool for Every Industry and Company Size

From SMEs to global players - TimeTac adjusts to your business requirements and needs.

We have implemented solutions for customers in all key industries and we are happy to share this experience with you. Due to its modular structure, TimeTac is suitable for small businesses, SMEs, as well as for corporations with 100,000 employees. You can flexibly choose and use the modules that you really need and adapt them to your business's changing needs.

Benefit from Our Enterprise Solutions

Keep an overview of employee time, manage employees in different locations, and comply with country-specific regulations.

We perfectly map your specific company requirements no matter where you operate or how complex your organization is and make it easier for you to manage your employees and projects while staying compliant with country-specific employment laws. Tailor-made interfaces integrate TimeTac perfectly into your existing systems. TimeTac complies with the requirements of the GDPR and has been awarded the title of "Certified Cloud" provider. Highly available servers, automatic daily backups and 24/7 monitoring protect your data.

TimeTac Time Tracking Solutions for Enterprises

Time Tracking Solutions for Enterprises

Online Time Tracking - Track Time the Smart Way

No need to look any further. TimeTac offers the perfect solution for your company.

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The Most Important Benefits of Our Time Tracking Software Solution

Easy, Fast, User-Friendly

Perfectly Configurable

Optimal Integration with Other Systems

Secure and Reliable

Available Worldwide

Outstanding Support and Service

TimeTac Is One of the Market Leaders

TimeTac has been operating successfully worldwide for more than 10 years and is one of the leading providers of online time tracking solutions in German-speaking countries. Perfect service is one of the main aims of our daily work. We accompany our customers from the initial consultation up to the implementation and daily use of our systems.

Outstanding Service for Optimal Results

We accompany you right from the beginning with comprehensive services.

We fully support you on how to use TimeTac optimally within your company. Our service offer includes the entire technical implementation of the software including software updates, further development and maintenance. TimeTac’s support team is happy to help you via email or phone hotline during your entire contract term.

  • Initial consultation
  • Free support
  • Optional Onboarding Service
  • Includes software updates & development
  • Includes technical operation & maintenance
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