Online solutions for tracking working hours, employee attendance and staff absences.

Employee Time Tracking

Employees record their arrival, departure and break times. Produce reports of their attendance and working hours.

Project Time Tracking

Record time spent on specific projects, tasks and clients. See accurate statistics per project, activity, client and tasks.

Leave Management

Request and approval workflow for absences, including holiday, sickness, public holidays and more.

Why use online time tracking software?

Reasons for tracking working time include monitoring employee attendance, ensuring breaks are being taken, seeing how much each client should be invoiced, producing reports and statistics relating to hours worked and productivity, easing collaboration on projects and guaranteeing accuracy and reliability of recorded data, to name a few.


Online time tracking as you want it

Live time tracking begins with a simple click of a button, followed by another to stop. This simple action guarantees precise working time data which you can rely on. Used to filling in timesheets? TimeTac also has options for entering working hours into online timesheets. However you track time, online time tracking ensures you can do it anywhere.

Smartphone apps for working on the move

Our dedicated smartphone apps for Android and iOS are ideal for recording commuting times, visits to clients, or any other activity when you are away from your desk. They even offer the perfect online time tracking solution for those who never work in the office.


Statistics, reports and any proof you need

You record the time, we produce the data. Reports and statistics are automatically produced in TimeTac for you to use as you so wish. Many filters allow the display of the desired data which you can then export and print. If you need specific reports with custom data for other programs or simply for company requirements, the we can create those too.

Observe the past and plan the future in one place

A convenient calendar overview allows you to see your recorded working hours as well as future appointments and bookings in one place, ensuring your plans never clash. You can even create appointments for your employees outside the office from the comfort of your desk; one of the many benefits of online time tracking.


Time tracking is not just for the office

Replace the need for desktop computers with a central time clock in your working environment; clock in and out like traditional time punch card systems using NFC key rings or fingerprint recognition. A perfect complimentary addition to your online time tracking system, whether you’re in an office or a warehouse.