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  • Easy online time tracking with browser based software, smartphone apps & time clocks
  • Accurate time tracking: live or post tracking of attendance times and breaks
  • Efficiently manage employee hours, flexitime, overtime, holidays and sickness – all in one smart system
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Online Time Tracking with TimeTac - The easiest, fastest and most convenient way of Time Tracking.

Employee Time Tracking

Employees record their arrival, departure and break times. Produce reports of their attendance and working hours.

Project Time Tracking

Record time spent on specific projects, tasks and clients. See accurate statistics per project, activity, client and tasks.

Leave Management

Request and approval workflow for absences, including holiday, sickness, public holidays and more.

What makes online time tracking with TimeTac so much easier?

No more manual spreadsheets and imprecise working times! Our web based time tracking software is accessible via PC, Mac, smartphone and time clock. Record working times live with a simple click of a button to start, followed by another one to stop. The online time tracking software cuts down calculation mistakes as is the case with handwritten timesheets. The immediate result is precise time data you can rely on. Easily manage real time reports, get an overview of clocking times and employee working hours. Export reports ready for payroll. The time tracking software supports monitoring legal regulations as well as break regulations.

Time Tracking Software TimeTac and its benefits

Track in real time or after you’ve finished

Don’t lose a minute of essential working time! Online time tracking in real time is the most direct and precise option to track working times and breaks of your employees. The great advantages are live status per user and thus live time tracking control. If you are using the app or a time clock and connection to the internet is lost, data will be synchronised once the device goes back online. Should you want your employees to track time at the end of the day or week, that is also a possibility.

What devices can you use TimeTac on?

The core of TimeTac is the web-based time tracking software which can be used independently of location and time. Employees track their working time on a desktop, terminal or mobile device. TimeTac’s smartphone app is best used for working outside the office and on business trips. All TimeTac terminals are easy to understand and operate. Employees register via RFID-chip, contactless NFC technology or tamper-proof fingerprint.

Online time tracking software via cross-platform devices

Ad Hoc Reports – fast insight on your employees’ hours

Your goal is to decrease the administration effort to a minimum? Use detailed reports and get any proof you need! Reports and statistics of total working hours including overtime, absence days and holidays are created automatically and can be exported into other common file types or printed out. This provides an overview of employee schedules, shifts or shortfall of hours. Quickly manage overtime, sick days and time off. You can monitor employee attendance, client expenditure, payroll and break regulations.

Why use online time tracking with TimeTac?

Monitor employee attendance, ensure breaks are being taken and create reports and statistics relating to hours worked and productivity. User-friendliness has high priority within TimeTac online time tracking software. Our support is available to you from the setup phase right through to after-sales. We ensure security of your time tracking data, stored within secure data centres in Germany. We provide honest service and all the features you need, without hidden costs. Everything is transparent. Our flexible software configuration can be set up to satisfy your business’ needs – no matter if big or small. We are happy to discuss all of that with you.