Does your personal time clock have an impact on your time management?

The rhythm of your personal time clock has a significant impact on how much you accomplish during your working day. Here are a few tips on how to figure out your body rhythms and how to use your energy more successfully.

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Trend Workation: Co-Working on Vacation

What is the meaning of the term and the concept? Workation includes the two words “work” and “vacation”. The New York Times perfectly described it in a nutshell as “A desk in Paradise”, where co-working with living in exotic locations are blended together. You could also call it businessperson’s holiday for the digital age.


Self-Management and Reducing Stress after a Vacation

A sunny vacation is known to be the ultimate cure for stress relief; we are able to relax and enjoy the sun while embracing a new culture. It is only on returning home that we become overwhelmed with thoughts about how much paperwork and catching up awaits us once we return to our desk. We […]