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TimeTac wünscht frohe Weihnachten!
TimeTac Wishes Happy Holidays

The year is coming to an end, and time seems to fly in these last days of December. This year, we all got used to remote working and online meetings and bravely faced the challenges this form of collaboration brings along. We want to thank our loyal customers and dedicated employees for their excellent cooperation and development in 2021. We also want to think about and give back to less fortunate ...

21.12.2021 Reading time: 3 min Time Management and Tips
Update of our TimeTac mobile App for Android

We have improved our TimeTac mobile app for Android for you and released the new version of the app last week. In the process, we looked at how our users use the app in their everyday work, which functions they need most, and whether they can find them quickly and efficiently. The goal was to design the app in a way so that you can work efficiently with it. Discover ...

20.04.2021 Reading time: 4 min Time Management and Tips
TimeTac Spende Kinderkrebshilfe
Time to say thank you

2020 was a year that has brought us a great deal of uncertainty and change as entrepreneurs. But upheavals don't just bring uncertainty, they also offer us the chance to explore new, unfamiliar paths and engage in innovative solutions. We at TimeTac are happy and thankful that we were able to bridge this year well, thanks to our loyal customers and dedicated employees, and that we were even able to develop ...

16.12.2020 Reading time: 2 min Time Management and Tips
Internal Password Policies with TimeTac

When processing personal data, the company must ensure that only authorized people can access this data. How should passwords be designed to protect them from unauthorized access? Even with time tracking, access authorization should of course be based on secure user data. In this article, we will show you how you can create secure passwords and password policies in your TimeTac account.

23.10.2020 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips
Implementing a new time tracking solution in your company

In our practice, we often experience that stakeholders and other user groups are confronted way too late when introducing a new time tracking software solution. But why is it so important to involve all user groups early in the implementation process? In this article, we inform you about what you have to keep in mind and what factors are crucial for a successful implementation of time tracking in your company.

09.09.2020 Reading time: 4 min Time Management and Tips
Status Overview - TimeTac Multiuser app
Our new multiuser app is available now: with features of Leave Management

As announced in the last article about the app, your employees can not only track their working and project times with the multiuser app, but now also manage leave days and other absences via a common terminal device. The app is in the final phase of beta testing. In this blog post we have once again summarised the most important functions and advantages of the software terminal for you.

20.08.2020 Reading time: 8 min New and Improved
Optimized display of the iOS app on the iPad

With the new version of the TimeTac iOS app, we have optimized the mobile usage on iPads for you. The app now adapts perfectly to the screen size of your iPad and allows for a clear overview of important functions for your time tracking. The improvements of the layout concern all configurations of the app, be it time tracking or leave mangement. In this blog post you can find out ...

24.06.2020 Reading time: 4 min New and Improved
Ending Support for Internet Explorer

TimeTac will end support for Internet Explorer on Wednesday 30th September 2020. Internet Explorer has only received minor updates since Microsoft released Microsoft Edge in 2015. We would kindly ask you to switch your browser for using TimeTac in the near future. For further information please read our blog post.

02.06.2020 Reading time: 3 min New and Improved
We are available as usual for you

Despite current developments concerning the coronavirus, we are glad to inform you that TimeTac is available for you as usual. Find out in this blog article how and when you can reach us by phone and how you can use TimeTac to enable your employees to work from home. Moreover, we are happy to consult you in topics like short-term work and other working time models that might be interesting ...

17.03.2020 Reading time: 3 min Time Management and Tips
TimeTac login with Single Sign On
Single Sign On – A simple and convenient way of combining TimeTac with your existing systems

Organizing services and different tools used in daily work can become a very extensive activity. Companies that aim to focus on their core product and task tend to outsource support activities (such as project management and time tracking) to third party software solutions. At some point, employees have lots of different services, various accounts followed by a large number of usernames and passwords. This can affect the effectiveness of the ...

03.03.2020 Reading time: 11 min Time Tracking Solutions
Geofencing: Test the new feature of our Time Tracking App for Android

We are happy to start our new year with a preview of our new feature of our TimeTac App for Android: Geofencing. Our customers are more than welcome to exclusively test the beta version of the app feature. Find out more about how you can predefine areas where time can be tracked mobile.

16.01.2020 Reading time: 3 min New and Improved
The benefits of dog-friendly working environments

It is almost guaranteed that the owner of a dog benefits from taking their beloved pet to work. Here's why dog-friendly working environments promote happiness, why dogs reduce employee stress and how you can create a comfortable, safe place for employers, employees, and dogs at work.

18.12.2019 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips
Time tracking via the Apple Watch

Track time on your Apple Watch while you're on the move. We have developed the TimeTac Apple Watch App, which works in combination with your iPhone. With the Apple Watch you can start, pause and stop a task directly on the watch. Find out more about the App and how you can download it right away in our blog post.

04.12.2019 Reading time: 3 min New and Improved
Quality Assurance at TimeTac

From the very beginning of our software life cycle we make sure that the quality of the software is treated with the highest priority. This way, TimeTac ensures a productive usage of the software, that meets predefined requirements and quality criteria even before we provide our products and services to customers. Our development team explains what quality assurance at TimeTac looks like and what the benefits for our customers are.

18.06.2019 Reading time: 8 min Time Tracking Solutions
The new TimeTac apps for Android and iOS are about to be released!

The time tracking apps from TimeTac have been redesigned and redeveloped in order to improve your mobile user experience. The main focus during development was on usability, performance and design of the new apps, besides an enrichment in functionalities. In this blog article we will introduce you to some of these new features as well as the release process and details about when the new apps will be available for ...

22.05.2019 Reading time: 3 min New and Improved
HR manager in the modern world of work

HR departments don’t look like they did decades ago - and there is a good reason for that. Technology has changed the world in general as well as the world of work and continues to do so. There are a lot of new tasks and challenges HR managers have to face and various new skills and qualities that are required.

26.04.2019 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips Time Tracking Solutions
Time is up – How you can manage your daily workload with timeboxes

Timeboxing is a simple technique and an effective way to manage your daily workload. You simply allocate a certain amount of hours or days to a task - the aim is to complete the task within the set time frame. However, timeboxing can have its challenges when implemented in practice. Here are some tips on how to manage your time successfully.

26.03.2019 Reading time: 7 min Time Management and Tips
Five Tips for a Successful Start with TimeTac

From experience, we know that there are some important factors to consider when you first start using TimeTac. Therefore, we have put together five useful tips for a successful start with TimeTac.

26.02.2019 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips Time Tracking Solutions
Leave Management during the Holiday Season

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” - and most certainly also the busiest time of the year. However, the Holiday Season can turn into a nightmare for both employers and employees when vacation time and PTO aren’t handled well. Here are some tips for easier and stress-free planning during the Holiday Season.

21.12.2018 Reading time: 2 min Time Management and Tips
The daily commute – Travelling to work

Nowadays, employees travel longer and longer to get to their workplace and they have to cover long distances. The daily commute is said to have an impact on our health. According to researchers, the proportion of commuters with short distances of up to five kilometres has decreased. More and more employees are covering distances of up to 50 kilometres. However, expensive rents are to blame for the fact that people have ...

17.10.2018 Reading time: 4 min Time Management and Tips