Manage your Timesheet reports with TimeTac easily and efficiently

Payroll accounting and timesheet reports are a time-consuming and often troublesome process for Human Resources. A web-based time tracking software not only helps your employees record working times in an easy and convenient way, but also provides you with a quick overview of hours worked, holidays, sick days, and overtime. You can even conveniently track night shifts. Find below the main advantages of TimeTac’s Timesheet report and 3 convenient features to perform smoothly your daily tasks.

New: TimeTac Clock Mini – the budget-friendly time tracking

TimeTac Clock Mini is the best solution when you want to track employee time in an affordable and effective way. It provides you with advanced methods to easily collect, track and manage employee time and attendance. You can just screw it on the wall or use it mobile. Easy as that. Our mini time clock is handy because of its small size and it offers all features of a classic time clock solution. No need to run cables.

We’re going to be at CeBIT!

Online time tracking – flexible and perfectly configurable to your needs. Come and see how this motto lives up to your needs at CeBIT 2017. Find out which possibilities a modern time tracking system can offer and how they can be adapted to fulfil your exact requirements. Find out more here and schedule an appointment while you’re at it!

Time Management: The secret to success

People use time management techniques at work and in their daily lives to become more productive. When to do lists get overloaded and the pressure is on, people without time management skills go into a frenzy of activity. In this state it is very difficult to achieve much and especially to accomplish it well. These tips will help you focus on what really matters so that you can get your work done!