Hectic pre-Christmas time: 4 tips to handle pre-Christmas stress

Christmas is quickly approaching, we try wrap up work for the year, plan for the next year and stay on the top of all the holiday celebrations. Now it is time to reflect and think about how you are going through December without stress and reaching burnout. Therefore, we have some tips to share for you to get through the pre-Christmas month with a smile on your face and with stress kicked out of the window.


5 Simple ways to make your meetings more productive

Employees spend 35% to 50% of their workweeks in meetings. A lot of time which leaves little time to work on projects or think strategically. Research shows that 67% of surveyed workers say that fewer than half of the meetings they attend are worth the time. A collaboration overload and unproductive meetings cost a lot of money. Find here 5 ways to make your meetings more productive:

Workers At Desks In Busy Creative Office

How to find the right Time Tracking Software for your business

Time tracking software is a popular alternative to a traditional timesheet because of its efficiency and potential to boost productivity. Regardless of your business and needs, it’s important to look over all the features of time tracking software so it can be tailored to your business in order for your operations to keep running smoothly. Choose a solution with the below main features:


How to make a workplace more human: The power of social recognition.

Workplaces are often not structured to honor, support or encourage the humanity we bring to the office. Forward-thinking organisations need to start treating employees as people, not as “human capital”. How can companies inspire their people to achieve their fullest potential? Find out here…


Why does a company need Employee Time Tracking & Absence Management?

One of the challenges that many businesses face is to keep track of employee working hours. Many businesses keep detailed timesheets but this is often a time-consuming and inaccurate solution. Without a proper time tracking method, you are not able to know how you and your team realy spend each workday. Find out the huge benefits of a time tracking tool for your business.