Self-Management and Reducing Stress after a Vacation

A sunny vacation is known to be the ultimate cure for stress relief; we are able to relax and enjoy the sun while embracing a new culture. It is only on returning home that we become overwhelmed with thoughts about how much paperwork and catching up awaits us once we return to our desk. We […]


Tips to Avoid Stress before going on Vacation

Desks are piled high with to-dos, colleagues are hurrying around the office stressed, everybody is in urgent need of feedback and it’s only 9:30am! This typical scene is what most of us experience before a well-deserved vacation. However, the anticipation and excitement of a long awaited holiday can soon be overshadowed by stress when on-going […]


Planning Advice for Time Management at a Glance

Fact 1: Our brains work like a sieve. Fact 2: In order to fill the holes, somebody invented the pen and the calendar and the Smartphone and, and, and. No wonder our time planning sometimes gets out of hand! Whoever wants to avoid having bits of paper everywhere is wise to carefully choose their planning […]


Finally, Flexible Working!

Staying at home with a sick child without having to take a vacation day. Going to medical appointments without worrying about arriving at the office late. Gardening while you can in the nice weather outside. You don’t have to be a part-time employee to enjoy such benefits. A new flexible working time model is here: […]


Motivation Drought in the Home Office

With the surge towards independence and self-determination, ever more employees are shifting their workplace to within their own four walls. Flexible working hours, no time consuming commuting to the workplace and the perfect opportunity to place profession and family under the one roof. What more could you want? The ideal home office can quickly run […]