Project management made simple

Do you find managing projects a challenge? Keith Robinson is actually convinced that project management does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Based on his long years of experience in managing projects, he has generated a simple methodology which will help you manage your projects faster and easier. All you need is a few minutes to read on.

Fear and need of Silence

Our relation to silence is ambivalent. We desire it and we fear it. Silence is for most of us hard. It has something menacing, it can evoke a feeling of inner emptiness and loneliness and something that we find completely unbearable: boredom. Therefore, we need distractions; Internet, TV and Social Media, which provide us with a confirmation or existence and a feeling of elusive safety. However, in silence there is a huge potential. But how can we reach the state of silence, without opposing our nature and what effect has silence on us?

The 3 most popular myths about Time Tracking

Time tracking software is a great invention that eases the life of employers and employees. Despite numerous pleased users, there are lots of employees who oppose their work time being tracked. which is often the result of lack of information. Read about the most common misunderstandings and find out the truth about the purpose and use of time tracking systems.

Hectic pre-Christmas time: 4 tips to handle pre-Christmas stress

Christmas is quickly approaching, we try wrap up work for the year, plan for the next year and stay on the top of all the holiday celebrations. Now it is time to reflect and think about how you are going through December without stress and reaching burnout. Therefore, we have some tips to share for you to get through the pre-Christmas month with a smile on your face and with stress kicked out of the window.


5 Simple ways to make your meetings more productive

Employees spend 35% to 50% of their workweeks in meetings. A lot of time which leaves little time to work on projects or think strategically. Research shows that 67% of surveyed workers say that fewer than half of the meetings they attend are worth the time. A collaboration overload and unproductive meetings cost a lot of money. Find here 5 ways to make your meetings more productive: