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Supervision Is Good – Trust Is Even Better

Do you feel you need to constantly track work hours to ensure everything is running smoothly? Do you want to balance efficiency and openness without losing control? In this article, you'll learn why TimeTac doesn't rely on monitoring and micromanagement and how time tracking can strengthen mutual trust within the company.

19.09.2023 Time Management and Tips
We Have a New Logo!

You may not have expected it, but we're excited to share something with you! What happened, you may ask? TimeTac treated itself to an all-around visual makeover. We will proudly present our new corporate design in the next few months. Today, we are starting with a new logo.

29.08.2023 New and Improved
The Ultimate List of the Top 7 Productivity Apps for More Focus and Efficiency

We all know the feeling when time flies by, and we wonder what we did all day. But luckily, we have a solution: apps for more productivity! Whether you use Android or iOS, these apps will help you organize your work, create tasks, and take notes in no time. Go ahead and open up the Play or App Store and get started!

22.08.2023 Time Management and Tips
New: Sick Leave Requests Validation with Doctor’s Notes

From now on, you can mark an absence in TimeTac for which you have received a doctor's note. This new feature helps you to clearly manage all doctor's confirmations for sickness absences.

08.08.2023 New and Improved
“Hey Siri, start a task!”

From now on, you can track your working time with your voice. Apple's voice assistant Siri and the new version of the TimeTac iOS app make it possible. And you can use iOS shortcuts to define automations, such as automatically starting time tracking when you enter the office. Sounds amazing? Read on!

13.07.2023 New and Improved
Gotta Love the New Desktop App

Ta-da! Admittedly, we're proud of our new desktop app: it's compact, has a clear layout, and it lets you keep track of time live without having to open the browser.

03.07.2023 New and Improved
Simplify the Export of Your Timesheet Reports

The timesheet report export for all or selected employees is now available in a convenient text file. This not only facilitates further processing, but also provides an even better overview.

02.05.2023 New and Improved
Hybrid Work: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Office or remote work – does it always have to be one or the other? A hybrid work model opens up new opportunities, but also risks. Find out how companies are balancing flexibility and control – and what impact this will have on the future of the working world.

25.04.2023 Time Management and Tips
Start the Day on the Right Note – Eat the Frog

It doesn't always have to be cereal, sometimes a frog will do. That's right – with the “Eat the Frog” method, the most unpleasant or even most urgent to-do (“the frog”) is taken care of first thing in the morning in order to start the day with a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. If you want to know how this works and what Mark Twain has to do with it, you ...

06.04.2023 Time Management and Tips
Power Napping vs. PowerPoint: Why Breaks at Work Are Important

We live in a fast-paced world where it is important to work efficiently and productively. However, we often forget that breaks are just as important to our performance as the working hours themselves. Taking regular breaks can help us return to work invigorated and refreshed, increasing our focus and creativity. In this blog post, we'll look at the benefits of taking breaks at work and why they're essential to our ...

01.03.2023 Time Management and Tips
Why Project and Time Management Are the Dream Team

I say "project management", you say "time management". Having an overview of progress and time spent is essential for a project. Without time management, projects quickly head for confusion, misunderstandings and additional costs.

24.02.2023 Time Management and Tips
What’s New with the TimeTac App?

We are constantly improving the usability of our mobile apps and developing new features to make time tracking even more accessible and convenient for you. In this blog article, we want to inform you about our apps' improvements and newly developed functions.

02.02.2023 New and Improved
New Work – What’s That?

Trend, buzzword, HR gag, or much more than that? New Work rethinks work as a concept. Let’s take a look at whether the model only is trend-setting for generations like Y&Z or also for the general public.

09.01.2023 Time Management and Tips
7 Steps to Implement TimeTac

How do you implement a time tracking solution? In this article, we would like to illustrate the process - from the first contact to the successful start with TimeTac in your company.

09.01.2023 Time Management and Tips
4-Day Workweek: A Model for the Future?

Already implemented in many countries, feared by some companies and longed for by employees: the four-day week. It offers numerous advantages, one of which is the perfect balance between working hours and free time. Get some ideas here - maybe your weekend can start on Thursday as well.

18.11.2022 Time Management and Tips
Who, when, where? Locate Timestamps

With TimeTac's mobile apps, you can locate timestamps. You can check where exactly was the working time recorded for each timestamp. This way, you keep track of where the service was delivered and have a perfect performance record for your customers. TimeTac offers you several options for location-based performance recording, which we would like to introduce to you in this article:

29.08.2022 Time Management and Tips
TimeTac’s Founder and CEO in a GoodFirms’ Interview Series

Bernd Pichlbauer, the Founder and CEO of TimeTac, shares in his interview with GoodFirms how they created this world-class time tracking software to meet the compendious needs of various industries and businesses with its extensive features, attractive interface, innovative design, and consumption-based pricing.

04.08.2022 Expert Interviews
Become part of our development team!

Get to know our devs! We are a constantly growing, innovative software company with ambitious goals. It means that we are always looking for motivated and talented people with whom we can achieve our goal of becoming the leading international provider of time-tracking solutions for companies. In today's blog post, we will give you an insight into the work of our dev team.

07.06.2022 Time Management and Tips
7 Practical Features to Correct Timestamps

Imagine the following: You have recorded your working time in TimeTac and realized afterward that you had tracked the wrong task, or perhaps you have forgotten to change the timestamp. And now you want to change or delete the time entry without bothering your superior. It is straightforward in TimeTac! How? We will show you which seven TimeTac features you can use to correct or delete your time bookings by ...

31.05.2022 Time Management and Tips
Interesting Tools for Remote Working – Teamwork From Anywhere

Remote working has become part of our new work culture. Yet it can be challenging to work in a team and coordinate when working outside the office. We have put together some valuable tips and tools to help you and your team work most efficiently and productively no matter where you and your colleagues are working from.

02.05.2022 Time Management and Tips