Leave Management and Holiday Planner Software

  • Absence management and staff leave planner solution
  • Holiday entitlement, public holidays and other customisable absences
  • Request workflow with alert notifications
  • Compatible with time tracking products for a complete attendance solution
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Project Time Tracking of Tasks and Clients
... TimeTac Project Time Tracking and Leave Management support us a great deal in capturing the working hours of our employees, who happily accepted the system in their working environment. ...

Leave management and resource planning solutions

Online leave management with TimeTac offers you all the features which are necessary for the efficient requesting and processing of annual leave and vacation. Employee entitlements are automatically calculated based on your company’s settings, removing the need for tiresome calculations. Employees can request time off in a matter of clicks, after which, the request is then sent to a manager for approval.

Integrated request and approval workflow

Once an employee places a request, they can see it in their dashboard overview and follow its approval status. Managers are informed of an incoming request on their dashboard, optionally via e-mail as well, and then have all the necessary resources to make the right decision. The leave management solution displays the employee’s entitlement as well as other planned absences in their department.

Perfect attendance monitoring companion

The planning functionalities of our leave management solution act as the perfect companion to our time tracking products. Compare looming deadlines to the amount of available staff. Ensure there will be enough people to work on those support phone lines in the busy winter period. Make sure that you don’t arrange a meeting on that public holiday! TimeTac offers the perfect combination for work time tracking and absence monitoring.

Manage time off including compensatory overtime

Why stop with annual leave and vacation? TimeTac incorporates sickness absences, public holidays, overtime compensation, doctor’s visits, relocation leave, maternity leave and many more. Perhaps your company’s daily operations mean that there are lots of different types of absences? Simply let us know the working situation of your company and we can customise any of our offerings to make the perfect leave management solution for you.
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