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Employee Time Clocks & Time Clock Software

Track time via fingerprint and RFID/NFC chip

  • Simple and cost-effective solution for in-office employees
  • Intuitive and therefore ready to use
  • Fast time tracking with Fingerprint, RFID/NFC chip/card, Pincode
  • Can be combined with time tracking on PC, Mac & Smartphone
  • Use it in combination with our software, no additional setup required
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Employee Time Clocks

Track time via our time clocks and use all the benefits of the web-based time tracking software

  • Track working time, breaks and absences in seconds
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Efficiently manage data via PC and Mac
  • No additional setup required
  • Via Fingerprint, RFID/NFC chip/card or pincode
  • Time tracking on PC, Mac or Smartphone
  • Individually configurable and ready to use
  • Time stamps saved locally in case of network failure
  • Control settings directly on the time clock
Clock in and out and easily manage time from your browser

Simply clock in and out and manage time on your browser

TimeTac time clocks are perfectly combined with the web-based software.

Our time clocks are ideal for office-based employees. They are intuitive and simple to use and offer multiple time registration options. Track working hours and breaks directly on the time clock and manage and keep an overview of working hours. The software automatically calculates all the tracked data on the basis of your presettings. The data tracked can easily be accessed by you and your employees via web-browser which allows you to easily keep an overview of target working hours, actual working hours, overtime, shortfall of hours and leave days.

Track time via RFID technology

Track working hours and breaks fast and contactless via chip or card.

Track time with RFID/NFC via a chip or a card. The RFID chips are assigned to every employee beforehand. Employees choose between arrival, break, departure or other absences and contact the RFID tag on the RFID/NFC reader. The time clocks send the tracked data in real time via wireless network to the time tracking software.

TimeTac Time Clock with NFC

Time tracking on the time clock via chip

GDPR compliant - Your data is safe at TimeTac

TimeTac complies with the requirements of the GDPR and has been awarded the title of "Certified Cloud" provider. Highly available servers, automatic daily backups and 24/7 monitoring protect your data.

More on Security and Data Protection
Fingerprint clock in machine

Time tracking via fingerprint

Clock in securely with biometric fingerprint time clocks

Easily track employee time and attendance via fingerprint.

Clocking in and out is much faster for employees and saves companies time and money by paying employees for the exact time they work. Employees choose between arrival, break, departure or any type of pre-defined absence on the time clock and hold their finger on the fingerprint sensor to start tracking their time. The time clock recognizes the unique characteristics of a fingerprint and links it to an employee. Thus, you elimimate buddy punching. To protect employee data when using biometric time tracking, only specific characteristics are saved, no fingerprints.

Track time mobile or stationary with the Mini Time Clock

Track arrivals, breaks, departures as well as project and task time directly on the time clock.

The Mini Time Clock is the most cost-effective time clock currently available. This convenient and portable time clock offers the same functions as the other two time clocks and you can use it via wireless or mobile network or simply place it on a wall. Employees clock in and out via RFID/NFC chip or card and can conveniently track their time. The time data can be managed via a web-browser.

TimeTac Mini Time Clock

Clock in and out via the Mini Time Clock

Time tracking with Fingerpringt, RFID/NFC Chip/Card or Pincode – intuitive, simple and cost-effective

No need to look any further – TimeTac offers the perfect solution for your company.
Contact us or create a free test account and start time tracking.

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From Startup to Enterprise!

Our Enterprise solutions allow you to manage multiple employees in multiple locations and easily deal with country specific regulations. We can cover your complete requirements no matter how complex they are.

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TimeTac Time Clocks Evo Basic and Evo Advanced

TimeTac time clocks Evo Basic and Evo Advanced

However and wherever you want to register your time

Combine multiple forms of identification.

Our Time Tracking clocks offer various forms of identification for example with a key chain or card via RFID/NFC up to identification via fingerprint. Those options can be combined on a single time clock and therefore offer maximum flexibility. Both Evo Time Clock models are combined with the Employee Time Tracking Software and can be managed via PC/Mac.

Save costs by using your existing hardware

Track and manage working hours on one central device via multi-user access.

Use any desired and existing hardware e.g. computer or tablet and combine those with TimeTac’s multi-user access to save time and additional costs. Employees are not only able to track time via this terminal but also access and view their tracked time. Employees can also register time directly for tasks and projects or quickly request leave days. Users can easily log in via entering a pincode.

TimeTac software terminal with multi-user access

TimeTac software terminal with multi-user access

Our time clocks in comparison

Mini Time Clock

Compact design and cost-effective. Optimal for Employee Time Tracking – also portable.

Touchscreen: 3.5″

Tracking via NFC Transponder

Power Supply: Battery/AC

View Data Sheet

Evo Basic Time Clock

Standard time clock for Employee Time Tracking via RFID or Fingerprint with a 3,5″ touchscreen.

Touchscreen: 3.5″

Tracking via NFC Transponder, Fingerprint

Power Supply: AC

View Data Sheet

Evo Advanced Time Clock

High-end time clock with a 4.3″ display and individual options of layout and organization of buttons.

Touchscreen: 4.3″

Tracking via NFC Transponder, Fingerprint

Power Supply: AC

View Data Sheet

Get to know our products

Employee Time Tracking

  • Calculate total worked hours and breaks
  • Timesheets with approval workflows
  • Import data into payroll accounting
  • Detailed employee productivity reports
Employee Time Tracking

Project Time Tracking

  • Track time on tasks, projects, and clients
  • Flexibly structure projects
  • Quick overview of your project status
  • Run detailed statistics and reports
Project Time Tracking

Leave Management

  • Easily manage absences
  • Define approval workflows
  • Calculate holiday entitlement
  • Public holidays templates for any country
Leave Management

Shift Planning

  • Schedule your employees effortlessly
  • Check employee availability/manage shifts
  • View all shift plans at a glance
  • Create & save repeating shift templates
Shift Planning

The most important benefits of our time tracking software solution

Easy, fast, user-friendly

Perfectly configurable

Optimal integration with other systems

Secure and reliable

Available worldwide

Outstanding support and service

What our customers say

Testimonial Thomas Kohler, ready2order Ltd
Thomas Kohler, ready2order Ltd

“Timetac’s time tracking software, in combination with the TimeTac Time Clock, provides a simple solution to track working hours and absences or holidays. In addition, the mapping of our flexitime, overtime allowances and work schedules works great! We recommend Timetac as a simple and uncomplicated solution for employee time tracking and staff holiday management!”

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