TimeTac Time Tracking on PC

Time Tracking on PC

Easily and Efficiently Track Working Time on the Computer

  • Web-based time tracking: 24/7 access to your data, regardless of location
  • Accurate online time tracking: Live or retrospectively
  • Modular system: Can be combined and extended with many functions
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Digital Time Tracking for PC

Track Time Directly at Your Desk via PC and Easily Manage Working Hours and Absences

  • Web-Based Time Tracking
  • Track Time Live or Retrospectively
  • Employee Time Tracking and Project Time Tracking
  • Leave Management and Holiday Planner
  • Available Anytime and Anywhere
  • Combinable with Time Clocks, Smartphones, or Tablets
  • Numerous Report Options
  • Can Be Integrated via Interfaces/API
  • Different Export Options

Manage Time Conveniently and Transparently on the Computer

With time tracking on the PC, all data is immediately available and clearly displayed.

Tracking time on the PC is particularly suitable for employees who prefer to work at a desk in an office environment. They can conveniently track their attendance and absence times with a single click via the browser or assign working time directly to tasks, projects, or customers. In contrast to manual time tracking via spreadsheets, time tracking on the computer is accurate and provides you with immediately available and error-free data. No more typing, no more errors, and no more incorrect working hours! This saves you valuable time and unnecessary effort.

Reliable Data Protection and Security

With server locations located solely in the EU and GDPR-compliant time tracking, your operational data is well protected from unauthorized access.

More on Security and Data Protection
TimeTac Time Tracking on PC: GDPR-compliant

Track Time Online with a Click and Manage Working Hours and Absences

The web-based time tracking solution allows you to track and manage working time on your PC.

Log in to TimeTac with your credentials on your PC, track the start and end of working time, breaks, and absences, and keep an overview of your projects with a single click. Benefit from numerous report options: You can access TimeTac via the browser at any time and export all tracked data. Based on your settings and the actual working hours, the software takes over desired evaluations for you, such as timesheet reports, verification of legal working time regulations, performance records, as well as project and employee key data.

The Time Tracking Solution for All Pcs and Windows!

TimeTac offers the right solution for your company!
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All Data in Your Existing System Landscape

TimeTac offers you standard interfaces and a flexibly usable API. This way, you avoid errors and reduce your personnel expenses.

More about Integration
TimeTac Time Tracking on PC: Integration and API

Finding the Right Time Tracking Solution for You

With TimeTac, you can get each module individually or combine them depending on your working situation.

Select the modules for Employee Time Tracking, Project Time Tracking, and Leave Management individually or combine them into a compact time tracking system. With TimeTac, you can select all modules individually per employee. This way, you only get the functions you currently require. Use our time tracking software on the PC, via a time clock or via the time tracking app - in each case suitable for the working location of your employees. You can change all devices as needed since you can use TimeTac on multiple devices.

TimeTac Time and Attandance Solution for PC

The right Time Tracking Solution for your needs

More than Just Software

We help you set up your time tracking system with comprehensive services and uncomplicated support from the initial consultation and beyond.

More about Our Services
TimeTac Time Tracking on PC: Service

Keep and Overview and Track of Your Operational Time

Get an overview of working hours, project hours, and absence time within a single click.

TimeTac provides you with numerous report options for your tracked data. The transparent display on the PC is particularly suitable for your evaluations and your data management. With TimeTac, you always have a central overview of what your employees are currently working on, which ones are absent, or your projects' current status. Call up your company's key data with a single click and make well-founded decisions and optimizations based on this data. Transfer the desired data directly into your existing system landscape via interfaces and simplify the further processing of your tracked data.

Benefit from Numerous Advantages

TimeTac is easy, fast, user-Friendly

Easy, Fast, User-Friendly

TimeTac is perfectly configurable<

Perfectly Configurable

Integrate TimeTac optimally into other systems

Optimal Integration with Other Systems

TimeTac is secure and reliable

Secure and Reliable

TimeTac is worldwide available

Available Worldwide

TimeTac offers outstanding support and service

Outstanding Support and Service

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