Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What you should know:

We make the security and protection of your data a priority at TimeTac, whether it is your personal data, data relating to your company or any information regarding your employees. We follow all necessary legal regulations with regards to data security. Personal data is only collected, processed and used in the essential perimeter TimeTac functionality. Under no circumstances will your personal data be sold, leased or released in any other commercial manner.

The following explanation will provide you with an overview of the protection and usage of your data.

Please note that we are not responsible for the content of external websites.

Data Storage

The protection of personal data is a fundamental concern at TimeTac. Certain personal information and data will be collected upon creation of an account (i.e. name, company information, e-mail address etc.). We continually endeavour to improve our services, so when you contact TimeTac via a contact form or e-mail, we save a record of this information to help better this process.

Data Usage

TimeTac will not publicise any personal information of our users if we have not received explicit written approval (in writing or via e-mail) or if there are legal obligations to do so.

To help with our service development, certain account data figures will be evaluated for statistical purposes. This is obtained, processed and analysed based upon data personally collected by TimeTac, as well as data attained through Google Analytics. We naturally handle all data with the strictest confidence.

With the input of your e-mail address on our website, you declare your acceptance to receive informational releases and updates via e-mail.

Google Analytics

TimeTac use Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google Inc., on publicly accessible websites. Google Analytics sets cookies which are stored on the computer of the website visitor. Data stored within this cookie, inclusive of IP address, are transferred to servers of Google Inc. in the United States of America (USA) and are stored there. Google Inc. uses this information to analyse the usage of a website, creating reports of this information for the website owner. In addition, this data is utilised for display advertising, generating targeted advertisements based on demographics and interests. This information may be transferred by Google Inc. to third parties, as far as this is required by law or if selected third parties are contracted to process such data on behalf of Google Inc. Further information regarding terms of use, data protection and security can be found at:


Cookies are a commonly used method to enhance the user friendliness of a website, to improve the efficiency of interactions and to adapt content to the users’ needs. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer to track your usage on different websites. Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information.

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

We use the Google AdWords online advertising program, offered by Google Inc., and utilise the conversion tracking feature. If you click on a display advertisement of Google Inc., a cookie for conversion tracking will be set on your computer. These cookies do not serve to personally identify an individual and are automatically deleted after 30 days.

The information stored within the conversion tracking cookies serves to provide reporting features to customers of Google AdWords. We receive information regarding the number of website visitors which clicked on a particular advertisement and resulted in a conversion on our website. We receive no information from which an individual can be personally identified. Further information regarding the data protection guidelines can be found at:


We use the remarketing functionality of Google Inc. on this website. This allows us to display personalised, interest appropriate display advertisements to the visitors of our website if they subsequently visit another website within the Google Display Network or Google Search Network. If you visit our website, a cookie for the purpose of remarketing will be set. These cookies do not serve to personally identify an individual and are automatically deleted after 30 days. The information stored within the remarketing cookies serve to produce reports of website usage. We receive anonymised data regarding website usage, which are used as a basis for the creation of interest focused display advertisements. Advertisements will be displayed if you visit another site within the Google Display Network or Google Search Network. These advertisements will have a high probability of displaying appropriate information or products relating to previously visited websites. No personally identifiable information is subsequently stored. Further information regarding Google Remarketing as well as the data protection policy can be found at:

We use the Custom Audiences Remarketing functionality of Facebook Inc. (herein “Facebook”). Usage of this functionality implements a remarketing pixel from Facebook on our website. Visitors to our website will be tracked and this data will be used for the purpose of advertising on Facebook. Further information regarding which data is recorded and what options are available to protect personal data can be found at You can opt out of the usage of Facebook Custom Audiences:

Activation, Deactivation and Deletion of Cookies

You can restrict and block cookies via your browser settings. You can prevent the tracking of website usage data (inclusive of IP address) via the cookies set by Google Inc. as well as hindering the processing of this data by installing the following browser plugin: Please note that the browser settings of every browser on every computer must be separately configured. As every browser offers a different method of configuring such settings, please use the help or support channels of your browser for assistance in configuring these settings. Alternatively, usage of cookies can be deactivated via a third-party by visiting the website of the Network Advertising Initiative at Further information regarding opting out of cookie usage can be found there.

Please note that preventing the setting of cookies will severely reduce your browsing experience and the functionality of websites. Preventing the setting of cookies will not remove display advertising from your browsing experience, rather that you will see non-personalised display advertisements which will be more frequently repeated.

Further Information regarding Cookies

Further information regarding cookies and management of cookies can be found at

Security Arrangements

Your TimeTac account is password protected so that only the relevant user has access to their personal information. We recommend that all users update their password at regular intervals.

TimeTac will always operate as standard via an SSL-encryption. Log out of TimeTac and close the browser window when you have finished your work; this ensures that others will not have access to your personal information.


TimeTac operates from separate data centres. Daily backups are carried out and are consequently saved in separate locations. If an error occurs, a live replication and transfer of backup data will be immediately carried out so that data loss is minimised.

The data centres from where TimeTac operates are certified and are monitored with extensive entrance and access controls.

All TimeTac servers operate with a redundant internet connection by means of multiple redundant upstreams, RAID hard drives, uninterruptible power supply, fully air-conditioned and secure server rooms and a modern, early fire detection system with a direct connection to the local fire department.

Right to Information

Enquiries regarding stored data can be made via e-mail to . You can also make information requests in writing.

Further Information

Your trust is important to us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the usage of your personal data or the reliability of recorded data. If you have any questions which this security and data protection clarification did not answer, then please feel free to get in touch.