Time and Attendance Tracking Systems for Every Working Environment

  • Solutions for all industries, from offices to warehouses
  • Cloud based service; accessible from anywhere
  • Smartphone solutions for mobile employees and tracking commutes
  • Employee time clock solutions with biometrics
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... were searching for an easy to operate, yet efficient and extensive time tracking system and were completely satisfied after finding TimeTac. The service offered and the fair pricing of TimeTac supported this decision ...

Flexible solutions for time and attendance monitoring

Every working environment is different. We aim to provide time and attendance systems to every possible customer. That’s why our software application is browser based, meaning you can access it from your computer in the office, your smartphone on the move, or even from one of our fixed location devices, such as a multiuser touch-screen tablet, or even an employee time clock.

Optimal overview of employee arrivals and working hours

The highly automated time tracking solution makes recording working time easy, yet offers an insight to your employees’ attendance in a matter of clicks. Monitor arrival, departure and break times, as well as total hours worked. You can even define overtime and flexitime possibilities. Combine the above with our leave management solution into the perfect system for managing attendance, absences and working time.

Detailed statistics and working hour reports

Recording attendance and working hours requires little effort; producing the right reports requires even less. There are numerous reporting options within TimeTac, with many options to export the data into the format that you require. You can view simple attendance data in the Working Hours Overview report, or view detailed breakdowns of projects costs in the Detailed Project and Client reports. Not every company invoices at the end of the month, nor does every project last only a week; we offer the support for when you need it.

A reliable and precise time tracking system

Time tracking is a crucial tool, helping organisations ensure employees adhere to specific regulations in their various countries and industries. You need a reliable system which is available when you need it. This is why we provide compatible solutions on various devices, include the ability to record time offline via our smartphone apps when working abroad and can create tailor-made warnings, alerts and another solutions that you may require.