TimeTac time tracking system

Time and Attendance System

One Flexible Attendance Tracking Solution No Matter Where You Are

  • All-in-one solution or flexibly combine: choose according to your needs
  • Keep compliant: manage flexitime, overtime, leave days, and other absences
  • Increase productivity: import data and streamline your payroll
  • Web-based flexible access: via clocking in machine, PC/Mac, smartphone, or tablet
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Employee Time Tracking

Flexibly track employee time anytime and anywhere, meet all legal requirements, and benefit from automatic timesheet reports.

Easily track employee attendance, absences, shortfall of hours, and overtime. TimeTac’s easy and user-friendly time and attendance software is suitable for any industry and helps you track working hours and breaks accurately and via multiple devices - independent of location and time. Minimize your administrative expenses with automatic timesheet reports, avoid mistakes and easily import data into payroll accounting. We offer seamless integration with other systems, allowing you to synchronize data between our system and other applications easily.

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Leave Management

Quickly and effortlessly manage your employee's holidays, leave days, or other absences.

Keep track of your team's vacation and sick days, manage your team's absences and have a daily, monthly, and yearly overview of employee holidays. Easily define other types of absences or periods when vacation leave is restricted. Our cloud-based leave planner lets you tackle leave requests with ease and provides you with templates of public holidays for any country. No more untreated requests - simply define a substitute manager and leave no pending requests. Annual holiday entitlement is being calculated automatically.

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TimeTac fits perfectly into your existing infrastructure and becomes the ideal partner that lets you track time via any system.

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Integration and API at TimeTac: Integration into existing system landscape

Project Time Tracking

Easily keep track of your projects' progress and efficiently plan your resources, projects, and tasks.

Accurately track time on projects, tasks, and customers anytime, anywhere. Structure projects flexibly and efficiently, set subprojects and tasks while ensuring that all legal requirements are met. Get an overview of your costs versus revenues and assess project profitability. Get complete real-time visibility into project status with detailed reports.

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Available Worldwide

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