Time Tracking for Architects and Engineering Companies

Track Project Times Transparently and Traceably

  • Accurate to the second: track time assigned to projects
  • Available on all devices: PC/Mac and mobile via app
  • Plan and manage projects efficiently
  • Live project controlling and numerous report options
  • Always accessible thanks to the cloud solution
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TimeTac Time Tracking for Architects: Time Clock, Desktop und mobile App

Assign Working Hours to Projects and Clients - In the Office and on the Road

Track and manage working time in the architecture office and create accurate performance records for your clients.

If employees work on several projects simultaneously and sometimes outside the office, it is not easy to keep track as an employer or project manager. TimeTac Time Tracking for Architects makes it easier for you to manage and visualize your resources in the architecture office. The software allows you to track working hours for individual projects or clients in real-time or retrospectively. You can quickly invoice projects and create accurate performance records. In addition to time tracking via PC/Mac, working hours can also be tracked via our mobile time tracking app.

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We offer more than a software - technical operation, free support, onboarding service, and training on demand.

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TimeTac-Services for Architects and Engineering Firms

Plan and Optimize Projects Efficiently

TimeTac's project management functions mean relief for your employees and control for you.

TimeTac's project time tracking gives you, as an architect, an overview of your orders and employees. The clear structure gives you insight into the development of your projects. Recognize the need for action immediately and coordinate your employees and other resources accordingly. You receive detailed project reports for on-time and correct payroll and invoicing.

TimeTac project management for Architects

Plan and display tasks clearly

Keep an Eye on Projects and Resources!

Maintain an overview in all planning phases. Whether your engineers are recording time in the office or on the construction site, they can map all data in real-time with our software.

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Project evaluations for Architects and Engineering Firms with TimeTac

Evaluate project hours for example per employee

Keep an Overview of Your Projects

Monitor and control projects live. TimeTac provides you with daily updated evaluations for your project control.

TimeTac's time tracking software is the ideal tool for monitoring and controlling your projects. Thanks to real-time time tracking, your evaluations contain the most up-to-date values. You can create reports with just a few clicks and immediately see which projects are profitable or exceed the budget. Based on your predefined cost rates and budgets, a target/actual comparison can be performed. You learn about deviations as they occur. Benefit: Fast reaction time and control over your projects and their profitability.

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Simplify Personnel Management in the Architecture Office

Relieve your administration and keep track of your employees' absences.

With working time recording, you manage all employment contracts and working time models. Working hours are calculated automatically, which enables precise and speedy payroll accounting. The software checks the working hours for legal requirements and warns you of violations of the Working Hours Act. In combination with the TimeTac Leave Management, your employees can track their absence time. Their absence time is automatically taken into account in the hourly payroll. In addition, TimeTac calculates the current vacation entitlement, and you process vacation and absence requests quickly and clearly with the help of release workflows.

What Makes Our Time Tracking Solution So Beneficial for Your Business

TimeTac is easy, fast, user-Friendly

Easy, Fast, User-Friendly

TimeTac is perfectly configurable

Perfectly Configurable

TimeTac can be optimally integrated into other Systems

Optimal Integration with Other Systems

TimeTac is secure and reliable

Secure and Reliable

TimeTac is available worldwide

Available Worldwide

TimeTac offers an outstanding Support and Service

Outstanding Support and Service

What Our Customers Say

TimeTac Customer Reference xevIT GmbH
Stephan Kirchmann, CEO, xevIT GmbH

"TimeTac's Leave Management and Project Time Tracking support us massively in tracking the working hours and is very well accepted by the employees."

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