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We offer you a flexible pricing system that is exactly tailored to your needs. You can activate the required module for each employee individually, so you only pay for what you actually use. To find out the total monthly costs, simply enter the number of users for the desired modules.

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Employee Time Tracking
Simple tracking of time and attendance
Project Time Tracking
Project-based time tracking including project planning
Leave Management
Holiday and absence management with approval workflows

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  • Easy, fast, user-friendly
  • Perfectly configurable
  • Optimal integration with other systems
  • Secure and reliable
  • Available worldwide
  • Outstanding support and service

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Additional Benefits and Services

Account setup, APIs and training
Onboarding service
TimeTac Onboarding service

Have a perfect start with TimeTac and let one of our experts setup your account for you to perfectly match your requirements. The onboarding service accompanies and supports you actively – from the ideal configuration to the successful implementation in your company. You economize on work and time.

TimeTac Training

The successful deployment of TimeTac is determined by how your employees use TimeTac. Use our training offer per remote session or on site and let us show you and your employees how TimeTac can be used most efficiently. This is how you cater for the right user behaviour and best possible acceptance.

TimeTac Integrations

Integrate data from TimeTac in other systems of your company and vice versa, as ERP, CRM, user management, payroll accounting, invoicing or single sign-on. This is how TimeTac fits perfectly into your existing infrastructure and becomes partner for project and human resource management, accounting and controlling.

Time clocks for time tracking
TimeTac Mini Time Clock
Mini Time Clock

The most cost-effective time clock currently on the market! This is suitable for employee time and project time tracking and can also be used while on the move.

TimeTac Evo Basic Time Clock
Evo Basic Time Clock

The standard time clock terminal for stationary timekeeping which allows you various identification options via RFID or fingerprint with a 3.5″ touch screen.

TimeTac Evo Advanced Time Clock
Evo Advanced Time Clock

The high-end Evo Advanced time clock offers you various identification options, a generous 4.3″ display, and a customisable button layout and design.

TimeTac Multiuser software terminal
TimeTac Multiuser app for Android
TimeTac Multiuser app for Android

With the aid of the Multiuser app multiple employees can track time on a mutual Android device. It is possible to track working as well as project time, be it mobile on the go or stationary. This is why this software terminal is suitable for numerous areas of application as e.g. on a construction site or in garages.

10.00 € per Month

TimeTac Multiuser web app
TimeTac Multiuser web app

You can combine the Multiuser web app with existing hardware of yours. This way you can economize on additional acquisition costs and multiple employees can track working and project time as well as manage absences on only one device.

10.00 € per Month

Free included: Mobile apps for iOS and Android
TimeTac iOS app
TimeTac iOS App

Use TimeTac’s mobile time recording via iOS app for your iPhone or iPad and record hours worked, project time and holidays on-the-go.

TimeTac Android app
TimeTac Android App

Capture time on your phone. The TimeTac App for Android is available for employee, project time tracking, and staff holiday management.