TimeTac Employee Time Tracking Software

Employee Time Tracking Software

Track Employee Time the Smart Way

  • Easily track employee hours and absences
  • Reduce expenses and quickly transfer time to all payroll
  • Stay compliant with all legal requirements
  • Flexible access via PC/Mac, smartphone, tablet, terminal
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Online Time Tracking

Track Employee Attendance Anytime, Anywhere and Meet Legal Requirements

Track employee time with TimeTac icon

Track Employee Time

  • Accurately track working hours and breaks
  • Via PC/Mac, terminal, and mobile app
  • Flexibly track time anytime, anywhere
  • Easy synchronization of all devices
Keep an overview icon

Keep an Overview Of

  • HR business regulations and compliance laws
  • Target hours, absences, overtime, flexitime
  • Different work schedules
  • Overtime allowances
Work efficiently icon

Work Efficiently

  • Automatic timesheet reports
  • Import data into payroll accounting
  • Avoid mistakes and inaccuracy
  • Meet all legal requirements

Track Your Time Easily, Efficiently, and Down To-the-Second!

With only a few simple clicks, your employees can track their working hours.

Track working hours instantly and accurately. One click is all it takes to start, pause, or end time tracking. Gain a live view of employee attendance along with any tasks your employees are working on through the live status overview. Automatically calculate working hours based on actual working hours and breaks. Leave days, sickness absences, and other absences can be entered manually and thus taken into account in payroll accounting. Do you only need to track hours at the end of the day or week? No problem, TimeTac tracks worked hours at your convenience.

Use Our Time Tracking Software Anytime, Anywhere

Efficient time tracking in the office or with mobile app.

Track working hours via your PC/Mac or via our time clocks. For mobile time tracking, our TimeTac App, available for smartphones or tablets, is ideal for working on the go or while on business trips. In case of network failure, TimeTac synchronizes the data as soon as the connection is restored. TimeTac Time Clocks are easy to handle and particularly suitable for in-office employees. Register your time simply and securely by using biometric fingerprints, RFID/NFC chips, or contactless via NFC tags.

GDPR Compliant – Your Data Is Safe

Highly available servers, automatic daily backups, and 24/7 monitoring protect your data.

More on Security and Data Protection
Security and Data Protection at TimeTac: GDPR compliant software

Record Time on the Go via Our Time Tracking App

Our mobile time tracking solution enables you to record working hours while you are on the move accurately.

With the TimeTac time tracking app, your employees can flexibly record their working hours on their smartphone or tablet while on the field or a business trip. The time tracking app is available for both Android and iOS and also works offline. Thanks to the widget functionality, employees can directly activate time recording on the home screen without opening the app. With the multiuser app for Android, several employees can record their time via a single tablet or smartphone.


Integrate TimeTac seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, facilitate the collaboration between applications and streamline your business processes!

More on Integration and our API
Integration and API at TimeTac

Accurately Calculate Working Hours

Get reports of actual working hours, overtime, and allowances within a few simple clicks.

No more tedious and error-prone calculations of working hours. Get reports of hours worked, including actual and target worked hours, overtime, and comp time. Quickly transfer data to payroll based on defined work schedules, overtime, and allowances. Enter leave days, sickness absences, and other absences manually, TimeTac automatically takes them into account. Easily transfer your data to payroll accounting and save time and money.

Stay Law Compliant

We support you with meeting all the legal requirements and other legal framework conditions.

EU employers must track daily hours worked to ensure labor laws are complied with. Ensure that employees are paid the correct amount for working night shifts, overtime, or public holidays. Use TimeTac to correctly meet complex legal, operational, and other requirements and manage them efficiently and clearly. Keep an overview of hours worked no matter where your company operates and ensure employees adhere to break times.

Easily Track Employee Time. Stay Compliant. Reduce Expenses.

No need to look any further! We offer a scalable solution that fits your needs no matter where you operate.

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Take All Absences into Account

Benefit from various features, combine Employee Time Tracking and Leave Management.

Enter absences in real-time or later on and include leave days, sickness absences, public holidays, and other absences in payroll accounting. In combination with the Leave Management module, the various absences are automatically taken into account. Additional benefits include automatic calculation of holiday entitlement, requests operated via approval workflows, holiday planner with the annual, department, and team calendar views, and numerous other reports.

Get the Information You Need

With TimeTac you always keep an overview of working hours, overtime, and absences.

No more documentation of working times on paper or in Excel. TimeTac is a cloud-based time tracking system that provides you with all needed reports for any time period. With just a few simple clicks, you can get an overview of all tracked working hours, absences, overtime and draw further reports by employee or department. Define a specific time period such as the current month, year, or any other custom period. Every employee can view their worked hours independently and call up the status of their working time balance. All available reports can be easily exported as PDF, Excel, or CSV files.

Finding the Perfect Solution Together

We support you right from the start with outstanding service and take over the entire technical implementation of the software.

More about our Services
Services and Solutions at TimeTac

Combine with the Leave Management Module and Get All the Benefits

Employee Time Tracking

Track employee working hours quickly and flexibly, meet legal requirements effortlessly and simplify administrative tasks with timesheet reports.

Leave Management

Keep an overview of leave requests by team/department, plan absences efficiently with approval workflows, benefit from the automatically calculated holiday entitlement.

Your Benefits

  • Leave days taken into account automatically
  • Automatic calculation of holiday entitlement
  • Efficient timesheet approval workflow
  • Overview of holidays and absences
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The Most Important Benefits of Our Time Tracking Software Solution

Easy, Fast, User-Friendly

Perfectly Configurable

Optimal Integration with Other Systems

Secure and Reliable

Available Worldwide

Outstanding Support and Service

What Our Customers Say

 Michaela Weiss about working with TimeTac

“With TimeTac, we acquired a time tracking and staff holiday management tool fully adapted to our needs and capable of contributing to our steady growth.“

Michaela Weiss, HR Director, Promedico
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