Employee time tracking and attendance monitoring with a simple click

TimeTac allows your employees to conveniently log in and track their attendance in a matter of clicks, all via a simple to use application. Automate the calculation of total hours worked, guarantee the accuracy and honour the reliability with TimeTac. You can see a live display of employee working times, can produce reports and implement regulations regarding employee break times and overtime.


Easily track working hours from any location

Convenience is guaranteed thanks to a simple and easy to use interface. Our smartphone apps for working environments that extend outside the office, and our employee time clocks, provide convenient employee time tracking solutions in every industry. Place a time clock in your reception area and allow employees to easily log their arrival, departure and break times with a simple contact of a key ring.


Let us take care of overtime

TimeTac allows you to define rules for different times of day, ensuring employees are paid the correct amount for working night shifts, overtime or public holidays. Need to pay a certain percentage extra when the normal amount of hours are exceeded? Have to pay employees on an unusual paying cycle? Need something specific? We’ll be happy to discuss what you need and how we can solve the problem.


The proof of working hours that you need

Employee time tracking allows you to produce the reports you need . Track your time and then view the automatically calculated statistics relating to your employee working hours with just a matter of clicks. Numerous filtering options allow you to see data relating to specific employees, departments, time frames and more. All the data can be exported in various formats, including PDF, XLS and CSV formats.


Take a look at our detailed product video, or help yourself to our PDF downloads