Employee Time Tracking – Easy, Fast & Accurate Time Attendance Tracking

  • Browser based software, smartphone apps & time clocks for simple time tracking
  • Detailed reports of working hours, flexitime and absences
  • Timesheets with approval workflows for managers and employees
  • Live & automatic employee time tracking of attendance times and breaks
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Employee Time Tracking and Attendance Software
... We were impressed by the uncomplicated and quick implementation. We were online and organised before we could have even imagined. It was especially important to implement this professional time tracking solution ...

Employee time tracking: simple to use for employees and managers

Don’t lose a minute of essential working time: log in and track your time and attendance in real time with a single click. You can see live which tasks employees are working on. The detailed timesheet reports and live status overview of employee working times always give you a comprehensive insight of current data. Implement regulations regarding employee working hours, break times and overtime.

Accurate employee time and attendance tracking, anywhere

Place a terminal or time clock in your reception area so employees easily can log their arrival, departure and break times with a simple contact of an NFC key ring. Working outside the office? Easily track working times from any location thanks to a complete, cross-platform solution. Simply tap the button within your mobile TimeTac smartphone app. The timer starts and time entries are synced. Working offline? Smartphone time entries are synced once the employee is back online. Watch the employee time tracking video.

Quick timesheet production and employee scheduling

Generate professional and accurate timesheets in a matter of clicks. Managers get an overview of employees’ attendance, absences, additional hours, shortfall of hours and overtime. Save time with our employee time tracking software: manage employee schedules, shifts, payroll reports and more. Employees will appreciate the simple time management and will spend their time more effectively. Let our personnel employee time tracking system carry out the data administration for you.

Automated timesheets for employee scheduling

Employee productivity reports with one click

Get the proof of working times that you need for payroll accounting, controlling or invoicing. View the automatically calculated statistics of employee working data. Gain a detailed insight of specific employee times, departments, teams and more. Export all data in various formats, including Excel, PDF and CSV formats. Customize your time tracking reports and user interface with your logo.

Let us take care of overtime

Ensure that employees are paid the correct amount for working night shifts, overtime or public holidays. Need to pay a certain percentage extra when the normal amount of hours are exceeded? Need a specific time tracking software solution? We are happy to discuss what you need.

Employee time tracking for every industry

Check out our time clocks and time attendance system for different working environments. TimeTac supports NFC technology. This allows employee time tracking in warehouses, factories, production lines and more. Have specific needs? Contact us, and we will happily offer a consultation to learn about what you require.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Introducing a productive employee time tracking solution does not require you to sacrifice your existing applications. Synchronise data between the time and attendance system TimeTac and other applications. Import essential user information from applications such as Active Directory and export data to payroll, invoicing, ERP systems and more. Learn more about Integration & API

Employee time tracking integration with existing systems

A video is worth a thousand words

Take a look at our detailed employee time tracking video, or help yourself to our PDF downloads:

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