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Say what? Decoding office lingo in 2023

by Anna Eisner-Kollmann, 16.11.2023

Language is something that changes very quickly. This phenomenon has been particularly accelerated since the advent of the internet, with novel terms sprouting almost daily. However, it's not just online where these new words have infiltrated; they have also made their way into our everyday professional interactions. Do you understand your colleagues when they say, “I don’t like being desk-bombed”? If not, let us embark on a journey to expand our vocabulary together.

Talking about work

Cambridge created a list of top word in 2023 that describe our jobs, the workplace, and those within it. Out of that, we chose a few words for your new work-related vocabulary list. Enjoy!

ghost colleague, noun

An employee of a company who works alone, often at home, and is not in frequent contact with other people who work for the same company.

desk-bombing, noun

The activity of suddenly going to talk to someone who is working at their desk, rather than phoning them or emailing them, is seen by some people as impolite.

frolleague, noun

A colleague who becomes a friend.

quiet thriving, noun

the activity of making small changes to the way you work to help you feel happier and more fulfilled in your job

sunday scaries, noun

A feeling of stress or anxiety experienced by someone on a Sunday before they have to go back to work the next day after the weekend.

bare minimum mondays, noun

The trend of doing as little as possible at work on Monday to reduce stress.

time millionaire, noun

Someone who places more importance on the amount of free time they have than on how much money they earn.

Class dismissed

Well done, nice improvement on your office lingo! So the next time you hear someone mention you as a “frolleague” or “ghost colleague” don’t panic. Take a deep breath, remember what you’ve learned from this blog post, and join in on the conversation.

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