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Ready for a change? 7 unmistakable signs you need a digital time tracking system

by Anna Eisner-Kollmann, 17.01.2024

Do you want to avoid the chaos of traditional time-tracking methods? Do you find yourself constantly struggling to keep track of your team's hours and project deadlines, still determining whether to introduce a new system? Then, it's time for a quick check.

Are you in need of digital time tracking?

If you are considering introducing digital time tracking in your company, it is crucial to assess different factors thoroughly. We have prepared a brief questionnaire to assist you in determining the necessity for digital time and attendance. If any of the following statements resonate with you, adopting a digital system can yield substantial advantages:

1. You are still recording working time via Excel or printed charts

Both options appear to be cost-effective ways of monitoring work hours in your company. However, upon further examination, you will discover that they are complex, imprecise, and prone to errors.

2. You need to have a clear overview of the company’s working hours

Are you struggling to keep track of your employees’ or departments’ overtime, sick leave, or holidays? Are you constantly having to request this information from the HR department?

With digital time tracking, as an employer, you can easily access and review your employees’ timesheets from anywhere. Additionally, with just a click, you can access numerous reports that allow you to stay informed about different working hours, overtime hours, sick days taken, and remaining holiday entitlement within the company.

An additional benefit is that your employees no longer need to request this information; they can easily see their working hours and remaining holiday entitlement in their account.

3. You find it challenging to handle various working time models.

Flexibility is a significant benefit offered by digital time tracking. Whether flexitime, remote work, part-time schedules, or modifications to the annual working hours’ framework, time tracking software allows for easy and transparent mapping of all these different arrangements. Moreover, any changes can be made effortlessly whenever needed. TimeTac ensures that the specified guidelines are adhered to and serves as a reminder in case of non-compliance for you and your employees involved in such situations.

4. You are challenged by verifying compliance with the statutory working time requirements

Employers must legally comply with and record their staff’s required work hours. It includes compliance with break and rest periods, and the maximum number of working hours. By implementing digital time tracking, you can effortlessly track these times, and guarantee compliance by notifying you and the employees involved of any violations. Prioritise the safety and well-being of your employees and safeguard your entire company!

5. You are feeling distressed about the monthly payroll accounting

Managing payroll reminders and conducting regular checks for potential discrepancies among employees every month can be time-consuming. Moreover, it often delays in punctual payroll accounting due to possible errors.

However, you can avoid such issues with the implementation of digital time tracking. The system automatically calculates working hours based on recorded times and your default settings. These accurate calculations are swiftly forwarded to payroll accounting through interfaces or exports, ensuring efficiency and timeliness.

6. Your HR department is swamped with administrative work

“A significant portion of my HR team’s time is being spent on time recording instead of focusing on more critical tasks like recruitment and personnel development.” This does not sound right, doesn’t it? By implementing digital time recording, you can automate operational processes related to working hours and absences. It will not only enhance the accuracy and eliminate errors in your employees’ work but also save them valuable time that can be allocated towards other activities.

7. You currently lack an overview of overtime within your company

Unfortunately, there are times when overtime cannot be avoided. Therefore, complying with the maximum permitted working hours and rest breaks is important. With a software solution, these hours can be tracked automatically. It confers upon you the benefit that the legally mandated documentation and retention are dependable and, by legal requirements, simplify your entire payroll management.

Be honest: Have you noticed one or two signs of this in your company? Then, it’s time for a digital time-tracking solution. We know that introducing new systems can often be tedious and difficult. That’s why we at TimeTac make it easy for you to switch to a paperless office.

7 signs are more than enough

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