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TimeTac login with Single Sign On
Single Sign On – A simple and convenient way of combining TimeTac with your existing systems

Organizing services and different tools used in daily work can become a very extensive activity. Companies that aim to focus on their core product and task tend to outsource support activities (such as project management and time tracking) to third party software solutions. At some point, employees have lots of different services, various accounts followed by a large number of usernames and passwords. This can affect the effectiveness of the ...

Quality Assurance at TimeTac

From the very beginning of our software life cycle we make sure that the quality of the software is treated with the highest priority. This way, TimeTac ensures a productive usage of the software, that meets predefined requirements and quality criteria even before we provide our products and services to customers. Our development team explains what quality assurance at TimeTac looks like and what the benefits for our customers are.

HR manager in the modern world of work

HR departments don’t look like they did decades ago - and there is a good reason for that. Technology has changed the world in general as well as the world of work and continues to do so. There are a lot of new tasks and challenges HR managers have to face and various new skills and qualities that are required.

Five Tips for a Successful Start with TimeTac

From experience, we know that there are some important factors to consider when you first start using TimeTac. Therefore, we have put together five useful tips for a successful start with TimeTac.

Will Technology Make Us or Break Us?

“Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.” When we think about technology and what impact it has on our lives we most likely come to different conclusions. Some might think technology will solve every problem in our lives while others fear that technology will destroy us.

Make Every Second Count – How Time Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Isn't it time for you to reflect whether your time is spent well or not? Find out why both, personally and business-wise, tracking time is of great importance and how it can benefit your business in many ways.

Ryanair: Absence Management Issues Result In Cancelling 2100 Flights

Another proof that Leave Management is of great importance: 2100 flights have been cancelled! The Irish airline RYANAIR cancels thousands of flights due to personnel and air traffic control issues, after admitting that they “messed up” at planning pilot holidays.

Hire and Fire – Unemployment and the Laws of Labour

Are the laws of labour the reason for the high unemployment rate in France? Elections in France 2017: Emmanuel Macron pledged to try everything in order to make it easier for employers to hire and fire. What does that mean for future employees?

Workplace Stress – Tips on how to deal with stress in a healthy way

Even if you love what you do, everyone has to experience work-related stress at some point in their career. Stress has various origins. Here are the most common sources of stress and how to deal with stress at your workplace.

How a mobile time tracking app can benefit your business

Technologies like the cloud and mobility help modern companies and their employees work where and when they want. With the mobile time tracking app from TimeTac it is quite easy to track time and attendance or time off, regardless your employees are on-the-go, work remotely or on business trips. Empower your workforce with the ability to capture time accurately, even when your employees work mobile. Get informed how a mobile ...

Overtime pay: How to ensure wage and hour compliance

Are your employees classified at the right rates? Are certain employees exempt from overtime? Are the hours being tracked and accounted for correctly? When it comes to overtime pay, there is a variety of regulations that your company has to comply with in order to avoid costly wage and hour disputes. Learn in this article how to avoid getting on the wrong side of the Labor Department.

Flexible working hours: Practices and management

There is a range of flexible time practices, offering different amounts of structure, regularity and flexibility. Find out the benefits of flexible working hours from both the employee’s and the employer’s viewpoint, what flexible working can offer to your company, and which helpful tools can support you to monitor the various forms of flexible working.

Employee Self Service: efficiency and transparency

TimeTac offers a kind of web-based employee self service which enables employees to perform some functions for themselves such as clock in or out via web, view their timecard, request vacation time and more. Thus, employees get actively involved by accessing their personal records, updating their own data or creating individual reports. They can request leave, view overtime or time off. The feature enables managers to approve requests easily and ...

Advantages of web based Time Tracking

Web based time tracking means that you have real time access to time tracking data from any device. All data are stored in the cloud, where they can be accessed over the internet at a later time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the strongest benefits a web based time tracking solution can offer you.

Staff holiday planner just a few clicks away!

An absence management software helps you save administrative time by removing manual tasks from the traditional leave management process achieving accurate data and full visibility. Plan leaves with accuracy and eliminate staff shortages and clashes in absence.

Time Tracking playfully explained

TimeTac supports and eases your daily operations and time management. Because we know that your time is precious, here is a short overview of what TimeTac can do for you. So, lie back conveniently and enjoy our brand-new product videos. Let us show you how easily you can track employee and project time or manage absences and time off with our user-friendly software solutions.

Manage your Timesheet reports with TimeTac easily and efficiently

Payroll accounting and timesheet reports are a time-consuming and often troublesome process for Human Resources. A web-based time tracking software not only helps your employees record working times in an easy and convenient way, but also provides you with a quick overview of hours worked, holidays, sick days, and overtime. You can even conveniently track night shifts. Find below the main advantages of TimeTac’s Timesheet report and 3 convenient features ...

New: TimeTac Clock Mini – the budget-friendly time tracking

TimeTac Clock Mini is the best solution when you want to track employee time in an affordable and effective way. It provides you with advanced methods to easily collect, track and manage employee time and attendance. You can just screw it on the wall or use it mobile. Easy as that. Our mini time clock is handy because of its small size and it offers all features of a classic ...

5 ways TimeTac helps you manage your team’s resources

Effective resource allocation is essential for managing successful projects. TimeTac’s Project Time Tracking tool delivers features that help you manage projects and resources in just a few clicks. Here are five ways TimeTac helps you manage your resources:

The 3 most popular myths about Time Tracking

Time tracking software is a great invention that eases the life of employers and employees. Despite numerous pleased users, there are lots of employees who oppose their work time being tracked. which is often the result of lack of information. Read about the most common misunderstandings and find out the truth about the purpose and use of time tracking systems.