New and Improved

Public Release: TimeTac Desktop for Windows

Track your time and manage leave days and absences via our TimeTac Desktop for Windows. After our successful beta test, we have extended the TimeTac Desktop with some
additional functions for you. Get an overview and find out more about how to use the new TimeTac Desktop in your everyday life at work.

Test our new TimeTac Desktop App!

Now you can easily and quickly track your time, leave days and other absences without even opening the browser via our TimeTac Desktop App. Disruptions on the desktop while you are working are history as the app permanently runs in the background. Find out more about all the advantages our new TimeTac Desktop App for Windows has to offer.

The new TimeTac apps for Android and iOS are about to be released!

The time tracking apps from TimeTac have been redesigned and redeveloped in order to improve your mobile user experience. The main focus during development was on usability, performance and design of the new apps, besides an enrichment in functionalities. In this blog article we will introduce you to some of these new features as well as the release process and details about when the new apps will be available for our customers.