Category: New and Improved

News: Strategic partnership with Maguar Capital and new operational management

This week we have two major news to announce: with Maguar Capital from Munich we have a new strategic partner, and we are continuing our steep success story under new operational management.

We Have a New Logo!

You may not have expected it, but we're excited to share something with you! What happened, you may ask? TimeTac treated itself to an all-around visual makeover. We will proudly present our new corporate design in the next few months. Today, we are starting with a new logo.

New: Sick Leave Requests Validation with Doctor’s Notes

From now on, you can mark an absence in TimeTac for which you have received a doctor's note. This new feature helps you to clearly manage all doctor's confirmations for sickness absences.

“Hey Siri, start a task!”

From now on, you can track your working time with your voice. Apple's voice assistant Siri and the new version of the TimeTac iOS app make it possible. And you can use iOS shortcuts to define automations, such as automatically starting time tracking when you enter the office. Sounds amazing? Read on!

Gotta Love the New Desktop App

Ta-da! Admittedly, we're proud of our new desktop app: it's compact, has a clear layout, and it lets you keep track of time live without having to open the browser.

Simplify the Export of Your Timesheet Reports

The timesheet report export for all or selected employees is now available in a convenient text file. This not only facilitates further processing, but also provides an even better overview.

What’s New with the TimeTac App?

We are constantly improving the usability of our mobile apps and developing new features to make time tracking even more accessible and convenient for you. In this blog article, we want to inform you about our apps' improvements and newly developed functions.

TimeTac Was Once Again Awarded as a Certified Cloud Solution!

In 2022, TimeTac continues to meet the high technical, contractual and service-related cloud quality standards and thus once again ranks as one of the top quality solutions among SaaS providers. TimeTac has placed a very high value on technology, security, and service. To show our customers how important this high-quality standard is to us, we have been audited annually by Cloud Ecosystem since 2018.

Status Overview - TimeTac Multiuser app
Our New Multiuser App Is Available Now: With Features of Leave Management

As announced in the last article about the app, your employees can not only track their working and project times with the multiuser app, but now also manage leave days and other absences via a common terminal device. The app is in the final phase of beta testing. In this blog post we have once again summarised the most important functions and advantages of the software terminal for you.

Optimized Display of the Ios App on the iPad

With the new version of the TimeTac iOS app, we have optimized the mobile usage on iPads for you. The app now adapts perfectly to the screen size of your iPad and allows for a clear overview of important functions for your time tracking. The improvements of the layout concern all configurations of the app, be it time tracking or leave mangement. In this blog post you can find out ...

Ending Support for Internet Explorer

TimeTac will end support for Internet Explorer on Wednesday 30th September 2020. Internet Explorer has only received minor updates since Microsoft released Microsoft Edge in 2015. We would kindly ask you to switch your browser for using TimeTac in the near future. For further information please read our blog post.

Geofencing: Test the New Feature of Our Time Tracking App for Android

We are happy to start our new year with a preview of our new feature of our TimeTac App for Android: Geofencing. Our customers are more than welcome to exclusively test the beta version of the app feature. Find out more about how you can predefine areas where time can be tracked mobile.

Time Tracking via the Apple Watch

Track time on your Apple Watch while you're on the move. We have developed the TimeTac Apple Watch App, which works in combination with your iPhone. With the Apple Watch you can start, pause and stop a task directly on the watch. Find out more about the App and how you can download it right away in our blog post.

The New Timetac Apps for Android and iOS Are about to Be Released!

The time tracking apps from TimeTac have been redesigned and redeveloped in order to improve your mobile user experience. The main focus during development was on usability, performance and design of the new apps, besides an enrichment in functionalities. In this blog article we will introduce you to some of these new features as well as the release process and details about when the new apps will be available for ...