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Ending Support for Internet Explorer

by Gabriele Kaier, 02.06.2020

TimeTac will end support for Internet Explorer on Wednesday 30th September 2020. Internet Explorer has only received minor updates since Microsoft released Microsoft Edge in 2015. We would kindly ask you to switch your browser for using TimeTac in the near future. For further information please read our blog post.

Why Are We Ending Support for Internet Explorer?

TimeTac will end support for Internet Explorer on Wednesday 30th September 2020. Microsoft released Microsoft Edge as far back as 2015 to supersede Internet Explorer 11. Since then, Internet Explorer has only received minor updates. Microsoft have even discouraged use of Internet Explorer, stating it is only included in Windows 10 for “backwards compatibility”.

The additional effort for us to maintain and test our software in Internet Explorer has considerable overheads, as it does not support technological specifications that are common in modern browsers.

As a result, looking into the future and wanting to offer our complete focus on delivering an excellent time and attendance solution, we have made the decision to “let go of our baggage” and end support for Internet Explorer.

What Are the Consequences for Our Customers?

After September 30th, we will no longer fix any bugs in our software application which are specific to Internet Explorer. Any new features that we develop will also not be guaranteed compatibility with Internet Explorer.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have an impact on many of our customers, as the vast majority of you are already using modern browsers.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, we stringently recommend that you immediately switch to a more secure browser. This could be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari (Mac only). If you are unable to change your browser due to a company technology policy, please contact your IT administrator as soon as possible.

What Happens Next?

We will remind our customers during the course of the coming weeks and months of the necessity to switch browser. You’ll see a few notices in our upcoming newsletters, as well as in the software directly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us: support@timetac.com

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