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TimeTac Was Once Again Awarded as a Certified Cloud Solution!

by Magdalena Fladl, 22.03.2022

In 2022, TimeTac continues to meet the high technical, contractual and service-related cloud quality standards and thus once again ranks as one of the top quality solutions among SaaS providers. TimeTac has placed a very high value on technology, security, and service. To show our customers how important this high-quality standard is to us, we have been audited annually by Cloud Ecosystem since 2018.

We Are One of the Leading Quality Labels Among SaaS Providers

TimeTac has focused on the highest quality in technical operation, security, and traceability around the processing and storage of customer data from the very beginning. Thus, TimeTac already complied with the legal requirements before the new GDPR. We focus just as much on our customer service as on the high quality of technology, security, and data transparency.

With the certificate from Cloud Ecosystem, we want to certify to our customers every year that we fulfil all aspects or features of a SaaS solution and a cloud-based service that are particularly important for companies. Besides data privacy and security aspects, these also include service levels, contract arrangements, and deployment quality. In addition to this verification by experts, references from customers must also confirm these high standards.


Cloud Ecosystem is an independent organization in Germany that has set itself the goal of developing quality standards for cloud solutions. The Certified Cloud certification program was created to test and award professional and high-quality cloud providers.

The hope is that this will lead to a continuous increase in the development of cloud services and their quality. The certificate is also intended to provide companies with the assurance they need when deciding between several cloud services and recommend trustworthy and high-quality solutions.

The Standards for a Certified Cloud Provider

To receive the Certified Cloud label, a provider or solution must meet specific requirements. The tested standards include security, flexible tracking and exit options, the service level, the quality, and the functionality of the solution. The company must achieve three criteria in each area listed below to pass the test.

1. References
  • For the Trust-in-Cloud certificate, proof of at least three productive references for a cloud solution is required
2. Data Security
  • Encryption of data exchange using standardized or accepted security procedures
  • Access to data and functions can be controlled and monitored
  • Copy of data for the customer can be created and downloaded
  • Handover and deletion of data after the end of the contract
  • A data protection officer is appointed and monitors compliance with data protection regulations
3. Deployment Quality
  • Public documentation on the performance of the application: ensuring optimal computing power and bandwidth even with high transaction loads
  • Legally compliant operation/data storage
  • Secured access controls of the physical infrastructure
  • Contractually guaranteed high availability of the application, including assurance of quality in percentage values for comparability with other solutions
  • Permanent data protection is guaranteed by defined backup and recovery processes
4. Decision-Making Reliability
  • The offering company is older than three years
  • The offering company has generated an operating profit in the last fiscal year
  • More new customers for SaaS / Cloud were acquired in the last fiscal year than in the previous year
  • The solution has already been successfully certified by another organization
  • Frequent updates in the last two years
5. Contract Requirements
  • Customer-friendly contract terms: Notice periods of maximum of six months
  • The general terms and conditions contain clearly defined liability regulations, or potential liability is limited to a monthly fee
  • The contract terms allow flexible remuneration based on demand-related usage
  • The service level is part of the contract, and there are regulations for service-level violations
  • Billing is either monthly or transaction-based
6. Service
  • The customer can evaluate the usage behaviour at any time using evaluations or statistics
  • The services billed are transparent and comprehensible for the customer based on the invoice
  • Accompanying customer service at defined times is offered via specific channels, such as telephone, e-mail, chat, etc.
  • The solution offers self-service support, such as wizards, tutorials, etc. for implementation and ongoing operation
  • In the event of a possible case of any escalation, a regulation is in place so that the customer can reach a dedicated contact person within a reasonable time frame
7. Cloud Architecture
  • The solution is based on internet technologies and offers a browser-based interface or an app for mobile devices
  • The user company can do the administration of the application
  • It is guaranteed that all customers work with the same software release at all times
  • The software is provided automatically, and the customer can perform the setup himself
  • The solution architecture enables any scaling, i.e. unlimited use of the application for the target group

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