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Project Management Made Simple

Do you find managing projects a challenge? Keith Robinson, a Lead Product Designer for Agile and Devops teams, is actually convinced that project management does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. Based on his long years of experience in managing projects, he has generated a simple methodology which will help you manage your projects faster and easier. All you need is a few minutes to read on.

16.01.2017 Time Management and Tips
5 Simple Ways to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Employees spend 35% to 50% of their workweeks in meetings. A lot of time which leaves little time to work on projects or think strategically. Research shows that 67% of surveyed workers say that fewer than half of the meetings they attend are worth the time. A collaboration overload and unproductive meetings cost a lot of money. Find here 5 ways to make your meetings more productive:

21.11.2016 Time Management and Tips
How to Find the Right Time Tracking Software for Your Business

Until now, the recording of working hours has primarily served as a legal record and as an accounting of hours for employees. Increasingly flexible forms of work, however, as well as organizational reasons, place higher demands on a working time recording system. Modern working time recording systems offer companies a wide range of options for recording and managing working time. Find out which working time recording service is best suited ...

17.11.2016 Time Tracking Solutions
Generate New Ideas in Your Team – These Creativity Techniques Make a Difference

Whether in design or content: creativity is fuel for the successful processing of projects. Employees are allowed to get a little crazy in order to come up with original ideas. But a spontaneous "Be creative!" doesn't always work. Creativity techniques can be helpful in finding ideas. Especially when a solution is needed quickly. With the help of these creativity techniques, flashes of inspiration often turn into successful innovations.

23.05.2015 Time Management and Tips