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Organizational effectiveness: Time Management for increasing workforce productivity

The key to success is a smart management of scarce resources. However, financial capital is no longer among one of them. According to Michael Mankins and Eric Garton, experts in organizational effectiveness and design of Bain & Company, the truly scarce resources nowadays are time, talent and the energy of the people in your organization. They state that these resources are too often squandered and there is plenty of advice about ...

07.06.2017 Time Management and Tips
How professional services firms avoid losing billable hours

Professional services firms concede that a few billable hours fall through the cracks. But in fact the amount of time lost is a little more than you thought. In our current article we show you 3 ways professional services firms lose billable hours and how to prevent potential revenue leakage:

01.06.2017 Time Management and Tips
How to manage your employees who work from home

Work from home is on the rise: According to a report by Gallup “State of the American Workplace”, last year 43 % of the American workers, rising from 39% in 2012, spent significant time working from home. On average, the typical telecommuter is 49 years old, earns an annual salary of $58.000 and works for a company with more than 100 employees. 75% of employees who work from ...

24.05.2017 Time Management and Tips
Overtime pay: How to ensure wage and hour compliance

Are your employees classified at the right rates? Are certain employees exempt from overtime? Are the hours being tracked and accounted for correctly? When it comes to overtime pay, there is a variety of regulations that your company has to comply with in order to avoid costly wage and hour disputes. Learn in this article how to avoid getting on the wrong side of the Labor Department.

18.05.2017 Time Tracking Solutions
Job sharing: One full-time job divided into two

Job sharing means, one job splitted into two. It is an alternative form of flexible working. It offers employers as well as employees a range of benefits and could be an option that provides full-time positions through part-time work. Find out what job sharing can offer to your employees and company and how to implement job sharing successfully.

12.05.2017 Time Management and Tips
Flexible working hours: Practices and management

There is a range of flexible time practices, offering different amounts of structure, regularity and flexibility. Find out the benefits of flexible working hours from both the employee’s and the employer’s viewpoint, what flexible working can offer to your company, and which helpful tools can support you to monitor the various forms of flexible working.

10.05.2017 Time Tracking Solutions
How to keep overtime costs down

Overtime ranks as one of the biggest ongoing expenses for most companies. Managing correctly overtime helps to avoid expensive lawsuits, low morale, and helps you stay conform with changes in overtime regulations. But how can you manage overtime more effectively to protect your employees and your company? These five tips will help you avoid the greatest pitfalls and unnecessary surprises.

04.05.2017 Time Management and Tips
Advantages of web based Time Tracking

Web based time tracking means that you have real time access to time tracking data from any device. All data are stored in the cloud, where they can be accessed over the internet at a later time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the strongest benefits a web based time tracking solution can offer you.

21.04.2017 Time Tracking Solutions
Manage your Timesheet reports with TimeTac easily and efficiently

Payroll accounting and timesheet reports are a time-consuming and often troublesome process for Human Resources. A web-based time tracking software not only helps your employees record working times in an easy and convenient way, but also provides you with a quick overview of hours worked, holidays, sick days, and overtime. You can even conveniently track night shifts. Find below the main advantages of TimeTac’s Timesheet report and 3 convenient features ...

24.02.2017 Time Tracking Solutions
5 ways TimeTac helps you manage your team’s resources

Effective resource allocation is essential for managing successful projects. TimeTac’s Project Time Tracking tool delivers features that help you manage projects and resources in just a few clicks. Here are five ways TimeTac helps you manage your resources:

07.02.2017 Time Tracking Solutions
Project management made simple

Do you find managing projects a challenge? Keith Robinson is actually convinced that project management does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Based on his long years of experience in managing projects, he has generated a simple methodology which will help you manage your projects faster and easier. All you need is a few minutes to read on.

16.01.2017 Time Management and Tips
5 Simple ways to make your meetings more productive

Employees spend 35% to 50% of their workweeks in meetings. A lot of time which leaves little time to work on projects or think strategically. Research shows that 67% of surveyed workers say that fewer than half of the meetings they attend are worth the time. A collaboration overload and unproductive meetings cost a lot of money. Find here 5 ways to make your meetings more productive:

21.11.2016 Time Management and Tips
How to find the right Time Tracking Software for your business

Time tracking software is a popular alternative to a traditional timesheet because of its efficiency and potential to boost productivity. Regardless of your business and needs, it’s important to look over all the features of time tracking software so it can be tailored to your business in order for your operations to keep running smoothly. Choose a solution with the below main features:

17.11.2016 Time Tracking Solutions
High overtime level is expensive. What you can do to curtail your overtime hours.

Overtime hours means high costs and research has shown the negative effect of working overtime on employee health and productivity. Below you can find five negative effects of working high levels of overtime and we reveal how you can solve them.

17.10.2016 Time Management and Tips
Teamwork without Limits – 7 Tips for Work Cooperation over Different Time Zones

More and more employees from the same company are working in different time zones. Whether it is due to business trips or for private reasons, the distance is making work cooperation more difficult. Based on our own experience, we have put together 7 tips to help you ensure better work cooperation over different time zones.

30.09.2016 Time Management and Tips
Tips to Avoid Stress before going on Vacation

Desks are piled high with to-dos, colleagues are hurrying around the office stressed, everybody is in urgent need of feedback and it’s only 9:30am! This typical scene is what most of us experience before a well-deserved vacation. However, the anticipation and excitement of a long awaited holiday can soon be overshadowed by stress when on-going […]

03.05.2016 Time Management and Tips
Planning Advice for Time Management at a Glance

Fact 1: Our brains work like a sieve. Fact 2: In order to fill the holes, somebody invented the pen and the calendar and the Smartphone and, and, and. No wonder our time planning sometimes gets out of hand! Whoever wants to avoid having bits of paper everywhere is wise to carefully choose their planning […]

19.04.2016 Time Management and Tips
Work-Life Balance: Tips for a Balance of Social Life, Family and Career

Career success, good friends, physically fit, a happy family: we want them all. The reality doesn't look quite as rosy however. Tremendous time pressure and workload provide reasoning for overtime. The problem is finding time – for ourselves, our family and our friends. In the long run, the lack of time makes us unhappy, demotivated […]

23.02.2016 Time Management and Tips
Home Office: How to Convince your Manager

So you think you’re ready to work from the home office? Unfortunately it’s rarely your choice to make such decisions. How you can convince your colleagues and managers to allow you to work from the home office, and to ensure that they don’t regret that decision once you’re there is what we are going to discuss! […]

26.01.2016 Time Management and Tips
Working from the Home Office? Can I do it?

One of the major flexible working debates within recent years was Yahoo preventing employees from working in the home office. BestBuy followed suit shortly after, but many prominent figures and companies, such as Richard Branson and Vodafone, spoke out against the decision. This article will show you how you can effectively work from a home office, and more importantly, the essential […]

12.01.2016 Time Management and Tips