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How to manage your employees who work from home

Work from home is on the rise: According to a report by Gallup “State of the American Workplace”, last year 43 % of the American workers, rising from 39% in 2012, spent significant time working from home. On average, the typical telecommuter is 49 years old, earns an annual salary of $58.000 and works for a company with more than 100 employees. 75% of employees who work from ...

24.05.2017 Reading time: 3 min Time Management and Tips
Overtime pay: How to ensure wage and hour compliance

Are your employees classified at the right rates? Are certain employees exempt from overtime? Are the hours being tracked and accounted for correctly? When it comes to overtime pay, there is a variety of regulations that your company has to comply with in order to avoid costly wage and hour disputes. Learn in this article how to avoid getting on the wrong side of the Labor Department.

18.05.2017 Reading time: 3 min Time Tracking Solutions
Job sharing: One full-time job divided into two

Job sharing means, one job splitted into two. It is an alternative form of flexible working. It offers employers as well as employees a range of benefits and could be an option that provides full-time positions through part-time work. Find out what job sharing can offer to your employees and company and how to implement job sharing successfully.

12.05.2017 Reading time: 9 min Time Management and Tips
Flexible working hours: Practices and management

There is a range of flexible time practices, offering different amounts of structure, regularity and flexibility. Find out the benefits of flexible working hours from both the employee’s and the employer’s viewpoint, what flexible working can offer to your company, and which helpful tools can support you to monitor the various forms of flexible working.

10.05.2017 Reading time: 7 min Time Tracking Solutions
How to keep overtime costs down

Overtime ranks as one of the biggest ongoing expenses for most companies. Managing correctly overtime helps to avoid expensive lawsuits, low morale, and helps you stay conform with changes in overtime regulations. But how can you manage overtime more effectively to protect your employees and your company? These five tips will help you avoid the greatest pitfalls and unnecessary surprises.

04.05.2017 Reading time: 4 min Time Management and Tips
Employee Self Service: efficiency and transparency

TimeTac offers a kind of web-based employee self service which enables employees to perform some functions for themselves such as clock in or out via web, view their timecard, request vacation time and more. Thus, employees get actively involved by accessing their personal records, updating their own data or creating individual reports. They can request leave, view overtime or time off. The feature enables managers to approve requests easily and ...

27.04.2017 Reading time: 2 min Time Tracking Solutions
Advantages of web based Time Tracking

Web based time tracking means that you have real time access to time tracking data from any device. All data are stored in the cloud, where they can be accessed over the internet at a later time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the strongest benefits a web based time tracking solution can offer you.

21.04.2017 Reading time: 5 min Time Tracking Solutions
Effective conflict management for teams

Conflict can be positive and productive. But your team members have to be prepared to appreciate different opinions and adopt fair and open communication. Read on to learn how to avoid negative conflict which is destructive and disruptive.

19.04.2017 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips
Flexible working: How to adopt and manage it successfully.

More and more companies are offering flexible schedules and the ability to work from home. Companies want to benefit from work flexibility which can help save costs, reduce employee turnover and attract and retain top talent. But how can you avoid a drop in productivity by making your workplace more flexible? This article provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with flexible working.

11.04.2017 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips
Staff holiday planner just a few clicks away!

An absence management software helps you save administrative time by removing manual tasks from the traditional leave management process achieving accurate data and full visibility. Plan leaves with accuracy and eliminate staff shortages and clashes in absence.

06.04.2017 Reading time: 3 min Time Tracking Solutions
How to get the most out of your workday

Do you end up with things still on your to-do list at the end of the day? Do you maybe start with a well-planned to-do list but never get to the bottom of it and lose your focus, find yourself working on low-priority tasks or even procrastinating? Here are some tips and productivity techniques tailored to your personality and workstyle to manage your daily to-do’s and stay on track.

30.03.2017 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips
Does your team lack time management skills?

Or do they just have attention management issues? Many leaders think that their team lacks time management skills and contact a productivity trainer to pimp up their team’s time management techniques. But often it gets clear that the team doesn’t need any tips but instead, a work environment where they can better focus. Find here some insights on building your team’s success.

22.03.2017 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips
Time Tracking playfully explained

TimeTac supports and eases your daily operations and time management. Because we know that your time is precious, here is a short overview of what TimeTac can do for you. So, lie back conveniently and enjoy our brand-new product videos. Let us show you how easily you can track employee and project time or manage absences and time off with our user-friendly software solutions.

17.03.2017 Reading time: 2 min Time Tracking Solutions
TimeTac presents Key Topics at CeBIT 2017!

We will be presenting two lectures at this year’s CeBIT in Hanover! Our experts will be happy to advise you about the unique possibilities a modern time tracking solution can offer!

13.03.2017 Reading time: 5 min New and Improved
Manage your Timesheet reports with TimeTac easily and efficiently

Payroll accounting and timesheet reports are a time-consuming and often troublesome process for Human Resources. A web-based time tracking software not only helps your employees record working times in an easy and convenient way, but also provides you with a quick overview of hours worked, holidays, sick days, and overtime. You can even conveniently track night shifts. Find below the main advantages of TimeTac’s Timesheet report and 3 convenient features ...

24.02.2017 Reading time: 6 min Time Tracking Solutions
New: TimeTac Clock Mini – the budget-friendly time tracking

TimeTac Clock Mini is the best solution when you want to track employee time in an affordable and effective way. It provides you with advanced methods to easily collect, track and manage employee time and attendance. You can just screw it on the wall or use it mobile. Easy as that. Our mini time clock is handy because of its small size and it offers all features of a classic ...

14.02.2017 Reading time: 3 min Time Tracking Solutions
We’re going to be at CeBIT!

Online time tracking – flexible and perfectly configurable to your needs. Come and see how this motto lives up to your needs at CeBIT 2017. Find out which possibilities a modern time tracking system can offer and how they can be adapted to fulfil your exact requirements. Find out more here and schedule an appointment while you’re at it!

09.02.2017 Reading time: 4 min New and Improved
5 ways TimeTac helps you manage your team’s resources

Effective resource allocation is essential for managing successful projects. TimeTac’s Project Time Tracking tool delivers features that help you manage projects and resources in just a few clicks. Here are five ways TimeTac helps you manage your resources:

07.02.2017 Reading time: 3 min Time Tracking Solutions
Time Management: The secret to success

People use time management techniques at work and in their daily lives to become more productive. When to do lists get overloaded and the pressure is on, people without time management skills go into a frenzy of activity. In this state it is very difficult to achieve much and especially to accomplish it well. These tips will help you focus on what really matters so that you can get your ...

25.01.2017 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips
Project management made simple

Do you find managing projects a challenge? Keith Robinson is actually convinced that project management does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Based on his long years of experience in managing projects, he has generated a simple methodology which will help you manage your projects faster and easier. All you need is a few minutes to read on.

16.01.2017 Reading time: 5 min Time Management and Tips