Employee Time Tracking

per user, per month.
Simple recording of employee time and attendance
  • Record attendance, working times, breaks and absences
  • Track time live or with timesheets from numerous devices
  • Customisable working time models
  • Regulations for overtime and flexitime
  • Timesheet reports and approval workflows

Project Time Tracking

per user, per month.
Track project progress with tasks and clients
  • Record working times on tasks, projects and clients
  • Unlimited, projects, clients and tasks
  • Employee to-do lists
  • Assign project leaders
  • Customisable project access rights

Leave Management

per user, per month.
Perfect accompaniment to any time tracking solution
  • Request management for leave, compensation time and other absences
  • Integrated workflow with customisable approval responsibilities
  • Simple request interface
  • Automatic calculation of leave entitlement
  • Public holiday calendars

Additional € 15£ 12$ 2018 CHF per account, per month applies, including support, hosting, maintenance, updates and a company administrator account. All advertised prices are to be considered net.

TimeTac is also ideal for large companies with more than a hundred employees, as well as those which are divided amongst several offices and countries. Benefits of TimeTac include:
  • Operation on company hosted servers if desired
  • Desired product combination on a user-level
  • Extensive hierarchy and authorisation structure
  • Country specific regulations for public holidays, working time models etc.
  • Multilingualism
  • Integration with other software applications through our API
  • Connection with existing user management programs such as Active Directory
  • License model with maintenance options available
  • Continual product optimisation and further development
  • Individual configuration and adaptation to your company
  • Introductory and support services
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Setup, Integration and Training
An experienced member of TimeTac will support you in optimal configuration of your account, including importation of employee and project data Price on request
Configuration of integration of data with existing software applications Price on request
Tailored training of the software via remote screen sharing or in person Price on request
Time Clocks and Multiple User Solutions
Basic time clock with touchscreen and LAN connectivity; for employee time tracking (identification via NFC transponder key ring) € 590£ 490$ 790720 CHF per time clock
Additional time clock variations with fingerprint recognition, time clocks for project time tracking and prices for NFC transponder key rings Price on request
TimeTac Multiuser (Access for the recording of multiple employee working hours from one computer or tablet computer) € 10£ 8$ 1311,9 CHF per month
Smartphone Applications
TimeTac iOS App Free
TimeTac Android App Free
TimeTac Windows Phone App Free