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    User management
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    Active Directory Integration

Integration with Active Directory

Eliminate the Hassle of Time-Consuming Creation and Maintenance of Your User Data

With the User Provisioning interface, user data from Active Directory can be synchronized with TimeTac. Thus, the data stored in TimeTac is periodically matched with the data stored in Active Directory and created, updated, or deleted based on differences according to predefined rules.

Your Benefits at a Glance
  • User master data does not have to be maintained in multiple systems
  • The time-consuming updating and maintenance of existing user data is eliminated
  • You have consistent data through automation
  • You reduce your effort thanks to automated processes

This Is What We Need from You for the Configuration

In the first step we ask you to fill in a so-called mapping table, in which you define your requirements for the interface.

  1. Contact our sales team and receive the TimeTac information sheet and mapping table, which you can use to define your interface requirements.

  2. Fill in the received table with your requirements. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Optionally, we can offer you a technical meeting to map your interface requirements together.

  3. Submit the completed table to us. We will make a scope of work estimation and give you a time frame we need to configure the interface.

  4. Our technical team will perform the implementation and communicate with your project or technical representative.

  5. We perform a test run of the interface and you verify that the results of the test run are correct. It will show if any changes need to be made to the existing data in your TimeTac account.

  6. Once you confirm that the results of the test run are correct, the interface will be activated in your account.

About Active Directory

Active Directory is a directory service of Microsoft Windows and is a central component for administering Windows-based networks. With the Active Directory it is possible to make changes centrally or to make information available for different applications.

Less Effort When Working with User Data

Synchronize all user data periodically and effortlessly with our interface.

Less Effort When Working with User Data

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Synchronize all user data periodically and effortlessly with our interface.