TimeTac Shift Work Planner

Shift Work Planner

Easily plan and assign shifts

  • Easily create shift plans, assign employees to tasks and locations
  • Keep an overview of staff schedules and available employees
  • Efficiently reschedule employees within a few clicks
  • Always available, retrieve shift plans even when you’re on-the-go
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Shift Planning Online

Allocate employees to shifts and assign various tasks and locations, quickly react to staff shortages

Icon: TimeTac easily plan

Easily plan

  • Assign employees to tasks and locations
  • Create & save repeating shift templates
  • Review your employees’ availability
Icon: TimeTac clearly manage

Clearly manage

  • Keep an overview of all created shift plans
  • Quickly react to changes and reschedule shifts
  • Retrieve shift plans on your mobile or browser
Icon: TimeTac keep track

Keep track

  • Employees track time according to shift plans
  • Review the compliance of shift plans
  • Track working hours/breaks according to regulations

Online shift work planner and time tracker

Schedule your staff online and quickly react to changes.

Flexibly plan your resources web-based from the comfort of your PC. Allocate employees to daily or weekly shift plans. Quickly react to any changes and reschedule your employees’ shifts. Keep an overview of all shifts or review all created shifts by date, location, allocated employees and tasks. Keep track of employee hours and keep compliant with workspace laws.

Effectively plan and manage shifts

Define working departments, locations, tasks, and working days and create shift templates for future use.

Choose the number of employees you need for this particular shift and allocate available employees to a shift with just a few clicks. In case of changes in employee availability you can easily edit created shifts. Shifts which you would like to use repeatedly can be easily saved as shift templates and are, thus, available to you for future use. Employees can look up their shift plans directly in the TimeTac calendar wherever they are.

TimeTac Shift Work Planner offers easy shift templates

Easily create shift templates

TimeTac easy employee scheduling

Easy employee scheduling

Easy employee scheduling

TimeTac’s Shift Planner is an add-on to Employee Time Tracking and Project Time Tracking.

Employees can easily track their time with TimeTac’s web-based time tracking software via any PC, TimeTac Time Clocks, or mobile via the TimeTac App. You can easily review if allocated shifts have been complied with. Employees have the option to log in their time later on. Employee Time Tracking allows you to check if employees are available for a particular shift so that you can optimally schedule your staff. At the same time, you remain compliant with employment laws and other regulations.

Keep an overview of schedules – Easily create shift plans and efficiently reschedule shifts within a few clicks

No need to look any further – TimeTac offers the perfect solution for your company.
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TimeTac has been on the market for more than 10 years and is renowned as one of the leading providers of time tracking systems in the German speaking market.

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Use TimeTac’s Shift Planning in addition to Employee Time Tracking or Project Time Tracking

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Employee Time Tracking

Track employee working hours quickly and with flexibility. Meet legal requirements effortlessly and simplify administrative tasks with timesheet reports.

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Project Time Tracking

Track hours on projects and tasks and allocate time to clients. Flexibly define project structures and keep an overview of all project data anytime, anywhere.

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Leave Management

Keep an overview of employee absences. Plan leave requests efficiently with approval workflows and benefit from the automatically calculated holiday entitlement.

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Finding the perfect solution together

We support you right from the start with outstanding service and take over the entire technical implementation of the software.

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Optimal integration with other systems

Secure and reliable

Available worldwide

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