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TimeTac - NFC Time Tracking

Utilize new technological potential with near field communication (NFC) time tracking from TimeTac

NFC Time Tracking with TimeTac Online time tracking with TimeTac

Time Tracking with NFC/RFID

The most-modern form of time tracking: for construction, field work, production and much more. Time Track with a transponder and NFC-reading device.

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  • Data Export and Printing
  • Time Tracking with NFC, RFID
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  • Time tracking terminal

Obtain detailed reports and current data at any time.

Time Tracking

Time track your tasks, projects and customer-related activities.

Data Export and Print

Discover printing options available for data analysis and data export with Excel or PDF.

Time Tracking via NFC Smartphones

NFC stickers in combination with an NFC enable smartphone are the ideal solution for project and location independent time tracking. The transponders for time tracking can be used anywhere – even on machinery. A simple contact with a smartphone is enough to begin time tracking, even in situations where you don’t have an in internet connection. The app also works offline by saving timestamp data upon the smartphone until internet connection is established once more, where it will automatically synchronise with the servers.

NFC for Working and Project Times

TimeTac NFC time tracking is based upon the extensive possibilities of the browser-based time tracking software from TimeTac. The NFC technology doesn’t just simplify the usage of the time tracking application, rather makes all new usage situations possible. NFC time tracking is possible with employee time tracking and project time tracking from TimeTac. You can decide which projects and tasks are available for time tracking, tailoring the solution to your exact needs. If desired, the user can also manually input which task they are working on in the TimeTac app.

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Effective Time Tracking on Site

With NFC time tracking, you always know exactly which employees are deployed and where – optionally combinable with the GPS functionality of a smartphone. Time tracking with NFC is cost effective and quick.

Be assured that your employees are at the correct location at the correct time, and ensure that the correct tasks are being carried out in good time. With the GPS functionality in TimeTac, you can record location data of where the activity or task was begun and ended. Not needed? By default, GPS location data is disabled in TimeTac. For NFC time tracking on a construction site, one NFC enabled smartphone per foreman is enough; the entire workforce can log in and record their times with ease.

Checkpoint Recording with NFC

It’s often necessary during the course of the day for employees to physically report to different locations. This could be different departments for a supermarket manager, or different buildings for a security service. With TimeTac, each of these locations can be saved to an NFC tag, which is affixed to each location or area, where employees simply contact the tag with their NFC enabled smartphone to record their time and location.

An immediate, complete and accurate record is thus guaranteed, where you can monitor and check timestamps and employee allocation.

NFC time tracking on the site or in the field!

Track time of your employees outside the office with ease thanks to TimeTac and NFC time tracking.

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News from our Blog:

TimeTac App for Windows Phone is now available!

TimeTac App for Windows Phone is now available!

24th of April 2014

User Authorization

User Authorization: New and Improved!

17th of June 2013

iOS and Android Applications are go!

iOS and Android Applications are go!

29th of April 2013

See how TimeTac works:

TimeTac Video

Time Tracking with TimeTac - 2:27

What our clients say:

Logo Werbeagentur Kinys

Wolfgang Moser
Werbeagentur Kinys

" As an international acting advertising agency we are, above all, very pleased with the reliability and location-independent availability of TimeTac. Our employees can time track everywhere and due to the combination of smartphones and NFC-technology this is also fun."