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  • Integration into a complete solution with our other products and devices
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Flexible time tracking software solutions
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Solutions with NFC & Fingerprint technology

Whether you use the options for NFC or fingerprint reading is entirely up to you. NFC offers a quick and convenient method to record working time; simply select whether you are arriving, departing or taking a break and then contact your NFC tag to begin tracking your working hours. Instead of using the NFC tag, you can also scan your fingerprint. This is a great solution for those who want to eliminate the prospect of buddy clocking.

New: Time Clock Mini

The Time Clock Mini is the cheapest and smallest employee time tracking device that we offer. This convenient device provides you with all the functionalities of a classic time tracking device, while saving space on the wall and is up and running within minutes, thanks to connectivity via Wi-Fi and 2G/3G.


The TimeTac Multiuser Access

Provide your employees with the ability to track their time from one central device in a simple and easy manner. Employees gain an insight into their working times and holidays in a matter of seconds. Identification takes place via PIN code, then allowing the employee to start and stop their time tracking, manage their working time records and request holiday absences.


Integrated in one complete solution

TimeTac is a time tracking production which is offered with various configurations and forms which helps to ensure our systems adapt to meet your requirements. The employee time clocks are closely integrated as a part of these solutions, allowing you to use the style of a classic employee time clock with the modern benefits of a cloud-based software solution, such as live data analysis and simple report production.


Mini Time Clock

Compact, budget friendly time clock. A great addition to any time tracking environment. Robust and reliable, despite its size.Available compatibility: RFID/NFC, WLAN, GPRS/3G

Basic Time Clock

Available with RFID and fingerprint modules, the Basic time clock and its convenient touchscreen allow for easy tracking of arrival, departure and breaks.Available compatibility: RFID/NFC, Fingerprint, WLAN, LAN (TCP/IP), GPRS

43 Time Clock

Our stylish, high-end time clock, offers an appealing addition to your reception or foyer area. Large display and sleek design.Available compatibility: RFID/NFC, Fingerprint, WLAN, LAN (TCP/IP), GPRS