Mobile time tracking apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Many people work outside the office now and then; some even work outside the office frequently, such as those who visit clients or attend different sites. Our dedicated mobile time tracking apps for iOS, Android and Windows phone ensure you can always track your working time. Track time, view appointments and monitor statistics from the palm of your hand.

NFC helps track employee time and checkpoints with speed

Near field communication (NFC) allows a simple contact between an NFC enabled smartphone and a transponder, such as a sticker or a key ring to begin time tracking. This convenient method of time tracking is incredibly quick to use, making it ideal for those who frequently change recorded task or work on the move, such as security personnel. You can also use transponders affixed to various buildings as a method of tracking arrival at different locations; GPS location confirmation can also be enabled if desired.

Your personal planner on the move

Leaving the office doesn’t have to mean that you leave the rest of civilisation behind. The TimeTac mobile time tracking app allows you to not only track your working time, but also view previously recorded times, view any bookings or appointments you may have, as well as seeing the current working status of your employees in the office.

Avoid loss of data with offline functionality

A large amount of employees are now dependent on an internet connection for work. This proves to be problematic when working in areas of no reception or when working abroad, where data costs are astronomical. Our mobile app relieves at least part of this dependency by functioning offline; open the TimeTac app and track your time as normal from anywhere in the world; the data will automatically synchronise next time a connection is established.