Having experienced quite some other T&A tools, TimeTac is the most flexible and customized to our needs. The service is extraordinarily fast and uncomplicated. The use of the tool from admin and user view is very convenient and straightforward. We are absolutely satisfied and highly recommend TimeTac!

Merita Uka,

A huge amount of praise must go to the company TimeTac. We are extremely satisfied with their software offering. The developers were very flexible and could account for all of our requirements. The support is readily available and they can immediately assist with any problems, offering excellent problem solving skills. The handling of the system is incredibly clear and self-explanatory.

Jeannine Zinsli, Head of Administration and HR,

TimeTac gave us the possibility to have up-to-date employee working hours, project status and holiday plans within our control. Flexible, solution-oriented and reliable. Very good consultation with our personal contact partner completes this product. This is how we view a perfect partnership.

Alexander Lange,

The efficient time tracking of costs and activities were important criteria when introducing a new time tracking solution. The recording and statistical analysis of working times and absences are comprehensive in TimeTac.

As an innovative and fast growing company, we have found an ideal partner for personnel and absence management in TimeTac. Our employees use TimeTac daily to record working time and breaks, as well as making leave requests. The administration of different working time models and constantly updating statistical reports are an ideal addition for management.

Christian Kaar,

As a software development organisation, we place a lot of value on uncomplicated, fast and efficient applications, and flawless service. On our search for a new time tracking system with reporting functions and absence administration, TimeTac managed to convince us in all areas: simple implementation, minimal training necessary and intuitive software manipulation. These are just a few examples of how our daily work has been made easier.

Sandra Nebel,

After a very short introductory period, we were able to replace time consuming holiday request and approval processes with a practical electronic workflow. Thanks to an easy-to-use, quick and above all, paperless solution, the new processes for recording absences and holiday were rapidly accepted amongst employees. Various working patterns and special public holiday criteria can be supported and the automatic transfer of data to our personnel system reduced errors often found when entering data multiple times. The introduction of other TimeTac modules at is already in planning.

Sylvia Dellantonio,

Time management for Vier Pfoten was ensuring we adhered to the different regulations in the 11 countries where our 350 employees are based. TimeTac offers customised solutions which met all of our requirements, including mobile time tracking, detailed statistics and approval workflows for the management.

Josef Pfabigan,

TimeTac allows us to have the flexibility we need in precise time tracking of our diverse projects. The country specific settings simplify the leave and public holiday management in our various office locations. TimeTac minimises our bureaucratic workload, giving us time back for our core tasks.

Kerstin Pfietzmann,

We were always happy with the time tracking systems from TimeTac. Above all, the customer support had immeasurable worth in our eyes. Their service makes them stand out above the competition.

We are a small organisation that decided upon TimeTac after an intense researching period. The functionality is extensive and offers very flexible solutions for all requirements. Of particular note is the quick, competent and reliable service of the employees. We are more than happy with this solution!

Susanne Otto,

We use TimeTac to help optimise and deploy personnel based on time invested in particular projects. As a result, we receive valuable information and accurate statistics regarding effort, tasks and last but not least, detailed costs and expenses.

Tyrone Winbush,

As a research and consulting institute for software solutions, we use TimeTac for quick and uncomplicated recording, evaluating and processing of project hours. The optimal fulfilment of our business requirements, the individual customisability as well as the price-performance ratio convinced us.

Steffen Vierkorn,

UPT uses Leave Management from TimeTac at sites in Germany, the USA and Cyprus for all aspects of absence recording. The easy-to-use smartphone apps and clear web interface reduce the internal effort for managing absence requests while greatly reducing the chance of errors occurring. The support always rapidly responds to our requests and makes changes to our account based on our requirements. The ability to integrate the absences into a web-based calendar application optimally completes the scope of our requirements.

Sebastian Stegmeyer,

TimeTac offers a well-engineered product for the recording of attendance, project times, employee working hours and absences that was nevertheless adaptable to our requirements. Our employees use TimeTac on a daily basis via smartphone and PC – reliability, availability and the customer service are to our utmost satisfaction.

André Markowis-Kunz,

We have found the ideal time tracking and professional project controlling solution in TimeTac. The web-based functionality makes the tracking process very simple, as well as on customer specific bookings of ours. Our individual requests were resolved quickly by the TimeTac team. We are very satisfied and happy to have chosen TimeTac.

Udo Riesberg,

We are eminently satisfied with the solution from TimeTac – simple usage for the employees and all necessary statistics for the management. What convinced us the most was the extremely reliable and quick support during implementation and subsequent questions! You cannot hope for more than this.

Lothar Höfle, CEO,

We have finally found a practical system for the paperless recording of working times and absences in TimeTac. The management of different working time models and the monitoring of employees and departments are really clear. We can happily recommend TimeTac as an ideal partner for tracking employee times.

Ing. Manfred Gansch,

p4u sought a professional and flexible time tracking system which led us to TimeTac: we have been using the tool with approximately 130 employees for nearly 2 years, using many of the options offered by TimeTac, from NFC smartphone check in to the leave management solution. The tool is easy to use and the functionality and support are to our utmost satisfaction.

DI Josef Forer,

If you would like to offer high-quality and sophisticated events, then work organisation is essential. Our work gained structure and efficiency and the analysis of our projects significantly improved with TimeTac!

Katrin Staeudt,

As a consulting and sales company, precise time tracking via a mobile, cloud-based solution is critical in capturing billable expenses. The extensive analysis and export functions allow the creation of a seamless reporting system in conjunction with our ERP system. Customer inquiries are answered immediately and extensively by TimeTac.

Dr. Rainer M. Neubauer,

We’ve found our ideal partner in TimeTac. Thanks to a large degree of flexibility, the settings within TimeTac were smoothly adapted to our working environment. Thanks to the API, we were also able to easily integrate TimeTac into our existing software environment.

Stefan Warmuth,

We were impressed by the uncomplicated and quick implementation. We were online and organised before we could have even imagined. It was especially important to implement this professional time tracking solution; now I have a complete overview of our various locations.

Detlef Goldmann,

TimeTac is a versatile and useful tool. We have a better overview of the planned absences of our 35 employees, split by relevant department. As a result, our employees at the switchboard can see who is at work and who is not thanks to the status overview display. HR can see the working time balance of employees at any time and take action if necessary.

Patrick Schmid,

TimeTac Project Time Tracking and Leave Management support us a great deal in capturing the working hours of our employees, who happily accepted the system in their working environment.

Stephan Kirchmann, CEO,

Due to our rapid growth, an Excel based time tracking solutions for more than 100 employees was no longer ideal. TimeTac was the solution among various other offerings that was the clear winner for us due to fulfilling certain criteria that we were looking for better than others: cloud-based, comprehensive, simple to use and above all, very good customer service.

Alexander Paul,

For a young startup like NEOS where lots of initial internal processes are yet to be created, it is a blessing to be able to transfer some administrative workload to an intelligent system. Particularly the calculation of employee working hour balances and leave management make our lives a lot easier.

Nikolas Heigl,

Working times, holidays and absences, such as visits to exhibitions, can be simply and accurately recorded by all of our employees. We consider the cooperation with TimeTac to be very positive and appreciate the expertise and advice which they can offer with regards to the various accounting structures within our team. As a global service provider to the suppliers of the hotel industry, TimeTac helps us greatly with the problem free recording of all the necessary working hour documentation for our employees.

Margrit Tietjen,

The introduction of TimeTac went ahead remarkably easily. Employees accepted it immediately due to the simple and clear introduction. Particularly impressive are the uncomplicated and quick support team. Queries were answered rapidly; a lot of software providers could learn a thing or two!

Markus Weber, Head of IT,

As leading automotive parts procurement organisation in China, we’ve found a simple and cost-effective solution for monitoring attendance in TimeTac . The employees from both of our offices in Shanghai have the opportunity to precisely track their attendance via a time clock or computer. The world-wide availability of TimeTac and its prompt service have supplied us with the perfect package.

Dirk Hillebrand,

We are very satisfied with the Employee Time Tracking and Leave Management solutions from TimeTac. We can definietly recommend the range of features, reliability and support.

Time is one of the most important commodities in our software company. TimeTac helps in the structuring and recording of our organisation and working routines, including various business trips and our home office employees. It offers our employees a comfortable and well-thought-out browser and mobile time tracking solution.

Ronny Günther,

We have acquired a very flexible and reliable partner in TimeTac, who above all were able to meet our extraordinary expectations. Since the early stages of the planning phase, the possibility was there to tailor a custom solution to our needs. We feel that we were professionally advised by TimeTac and would recommend the solution without hesitation.

TimeTac can be used in various ways, so this program optimally fits into every company. Both customer service and customer support, as well as the program itself, are nothing to complain about. We have been using TimeTac for exactly 3 months at Foto-Morgen GmbH and are extremely satisfied with the results. Above all, the TimeTac applications for iOS and Android are very convenient to use.

Burak Bekci,

At Finanzchef24, we use TimeTac for holiday planning and documenting the absences of employees. The tool immensely reduces our administrative expenses immensely – Excel sheets are a thing of the past!

Regina Oster,

We were searching for a long time for a cloud-based time tracking solution for our employees. In TimeTac, we finally found a product which met all of our demands and requirements.

Mario Krause,

Holidays – these are the nicest and most relaxing times of year. Since we have been working with TimeTac, holiday planning can also be labelled as a nice and relaxing task. Hand-written holiday requests and time consuming team meetings have been replaced with efficient request management and the digital department calendar. Another benefit for our employees is that TimeTac is available everywhere: not just in the workplace, but at home or on the move with the app.

Litzenburger Frank,

Our employees are working for us on various construction sites around the world, so we rely on decision makers having an overview of employee absences and holiday plans to help plan the deployment of workers. A system is therefore needed which can be accessed from anywhere. The system needs to be easy to understand as many employees are not too familiar with computers. Our company specific needs are completely covered by TimeTac and the response from their support is always quick and reliable. As a result, we are very happy with this program and the people who support it and look forward to further cooperation with them.

Christina Eichen,

Tractive, as a young company, is very agile and still susceptible to change. As a result, flexible partners are a must. TimeTac offer customer oriented time management tools in which the requirements of Tractive were met to the utmost satisfaction.

Wolfgang Reisinger,

TimeTac – a reliable partner for our employees to record times in the field and in the office. The flexible adaptation to our needs is particularly commendable, as is the great price-performance ratio. If problems occur, then the support are rapid to respond. We can recommend the solution without hesitation.

Philipp Günther,

As a manual handwork and craftsmanship organisation, time management should be an uncomplicated mobile time tracking solution. Differentiating emergency call out rates, triggers, fixed rates and very individualised working times for our 20 employees are competently and securely managed.

Doris Pfab,

TimeTac provides a functional, comprehensive, yet simple to use and efficient solution for recording working time and managing absences in the field.

Werner Knutti,

TimeTac was the only online timesheet system that really convinced me. Simple entry via the smartphone app is a huge advantage for my staff. Individual requests are catered for and implemented quickly.

Martin Herzmoneit,

After searching for a flexible and professional solution for recording task and project times, we thankfully found TimeTac. The web-based, therefore readily available solution is easily accommodated into our working routine. Management of working hours, holidays and absences through request procedures and calendar views are optimal, simple and allow us to always maintain an overview.

Daniel Arnold,

Ease of use, comprehensive functions, friendly service: all of these were critical when we decided upon TimeTac. As a consultancy company with a diverse office environment, our working hours are dictated by our customers. TimeTac allows us to make sure all legal requirements are met and overtime is reliably recorded.

Michael Graf,

We were able to minimize processes for holidays, working hours, overtime etc. with TimeTac. This saves time and effort. The smartphone application is simple and the reporting functionalities for managers are extensive. The implementation was very smooth and we feel well cared for by TimeTac.

Markus Mengelkamp,

Thank you for the rapid responses and your help. It is always a pleasure to work with TimeTac. The service is excellent and the usability is great. The decision to work with TimeTac was the best we could make.

Ines Brand,

Have you already clocked in today?“ This is the question that Nuremberg PR consultants ask themselves daily since we introduced TimeTac in 2011. The transparency of our business services with our clients has considerably increased since then to the delight of everyone at the company. Invoicing and project management have also become simpler.

Brigitte Kaltwasser,

As a company with diverse business areas, it is important to use a flexible and highly reliable solution for the recording of personnel time and tasks. TimeTac offers the ability to record times for all our employees and their respective tasks in one system, whether recorded from a PC, smartphone or time clock. All this, without requiring installation and extensive training, is extremely efficient.

Peter Krummen,

We use TimeTac for the statutory tracking of time in the workplace, as well as the leave management solution. The application is simple to use and we never run into any errors. If you have questions, then you can happily contact their helpdesk, where their employees are focused on answering those enquiries in the shortest amount of time possible. TimeTac is a professional tool which requires limited effort and very small costs to use.

Doris Mayerhofer,

As a result of using TimeTac, we are now able to structure our daily tasks and keep track of important information. Accounting, leave management and mobile time tracking with GPS complete an overall package. Enthusiasm for work and regular contact with our clients are essential to us and in TimeTac we’ve found a partner who shares these values.

Markus Mühle,

Thanks to TimeTac, we finally have an overview of all our projects and are now able to optimally plan all resources and deadlines. The flexibility of project time tracking and project controlling convinced us.

Dr. Georg Lankmayr,

As an international advertising agency, we are, above all, very pleased with the reliability and location-independent availability of TimeTac. Our employees can time track everywhere, and due to the combination of smartphones and NFC-technology, it can also be fun.

Wolfgang Moser,

The implementation of TimeTac project time tracking into our company was quick and to our utmost satisfaction. Our employees value the new level of responsibility they have been given with tracking their times. Being able to track data via a PC, smartphone and through multiuser terminals have proven to be very useful instruments for managing our company.

Mathias Thoms,

We’ve found an optimal solution for reliably tracking working time and monitoring absences with TimeTac, whether via smartphone or in the office.

Rainer Hochwimmer,

At Takano, we use TimeTac for recording project times and absences via desktop browsers and the smartphone apps. A simple application for time tracking in one, central system, with location independent usage was essential. What we would really like to emphasise is how satisfied we are with the customer service.

After two years of chaos, we have finally found a new time management solution in TimeTac which actually works!

Thilo Haas,

We were searching for an easy to operate, yet efficient and extensive time tracking system and were completely satisfied after finding TimeTac. The service offered and the fair pricing of TimeTac supported this decision.

Dr. Jens Brodersen,