We developed TimeTac so that it would be available to an unlimited amount of users, enabling you to determine how many employees work with TimeTac and from which platform they track their working time. If desired, you also have the opportunity to define teams and departments in order to reflect your operating structure in TimeTac.

Setting up your online time tracking test account does not require any bank or credit card details. It only takes a minute to set up your personal test account, which includes all the integrated software functions for a period of 30 days. There is absolutely no obligation to commit after this 30 day period.

Yes. You have the possibility to change from your test account into a normal account and bring your data with you. All data relating to employee time tracking, project time tracking and leave management will remain available for use. If requested, your test account data can be deleted so that you can start afresh.

Then simply activate your account within your existing test account under the “Activate Account” tab, or contact us beforehand if you have any questions. We are happy to advise you on how you can optimally configure your account and welcome any further queries.

Before you sign up for a paid version of TimeTac, we offer you the opportunity to try out the program for 30 days on a non-binding and free basis. In this time, convince yourself of the benefits of our time tracking software for your company. If you decide to carry on working with TimeTac, then simply activate your unlimited access from within the test account.

You do not compel yourself to a minimum binding contract if you decide to use TimeTac. You can simply terminate your contract with TimeTac at the end of every month, given a period of at least 7 days’ notice. There are consequently no risks involved when signing up for TimeTac; instead you can use the advantages of the software without hesitation.


TimeTac is compatible with and frequently tested in the latest browsers, yet is usable with almost every internet enabled device. With regards to optimised performance, we recommend using TimeTac with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

No. You only require a functioning browser and internet access to start using TimeTac.

TimeTac has dedicated smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The functionality of the apps is automatically configured to match your company account settings. Individual company configurations and adaptations of the apps are possible.

Yes. All of our smartphone time tracking apps are functional offline, allowing your employees the ability to track their working time from any location. As soon as an internet connection is established, all locally recorded data is synchronised with our servers; this is ideal for working in areas of limited reception or when working abroad, avoiding costly data roaming charges.

TimeTac provides interfaces for the integration of data into CRM systems, ERP systems, accounting applications and more. The TimeTac API allows integration into other systems without extensive programming effort. We are happy to support you with the technical setup and implementation of these interfaces. TimeTac can also be integrated with employee management systems, such as Active Directory.

Data Protection

Your data is automatically backed-up throughout the day and is saved in high uptime servers in reliable data processing centers in Germany. Data security is guaranteed on a 24 hour basis so that your information is protected from data loss.

TimeTac uses an excellent user authentication method. In a typical business setting, many tasks are completed by many different employees; TimeTac understands this and thus provides you with the option to tailor your user rights accordingly. You can define the rights of access for every single employee. With the user rights authentication system, you alone decide which information or data is visible to your employees, offering you the highest level of data protection.

TimeTac is offered as an on-site hosted solution for larger companies with 100 employees or more. Please contact us for more information.