Track Attendance of Employees on the Production Line

  • Track time spent on specific projects or production areas
  • Time clocks for use with NFC or fingerprint; prevent buddy clocking
  • Automatically enforce working time and break regulations
  • Easily manage employee absences and annual leave
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... We have found the ideal time tracking and professional project controlling solution in TimeTac. The web-based functionality makes the tracking process very simple, as well as on customer specific bookings of ours. ...

Convenience with employee time clocks

Track time conveniently upon arrival with one of our employee time clocks; contact an NFC transponder, such as a sticker or key ring with the time clock to begin time tracking. You can record arrival, departure and breaks from the one device. Configuration options for fingerprint scanners can even help prevent buddy clocking.

Know exact deployment at any time

Need to know how much time, personnel and expenses are spent on a specific task or part of a production line? Multiple employees can easily switch between tasks on a tablet computer, or additional time clocks can be installed along the production line, automatically registering the correct task when the user begins time tracking at that location.

A simple system to manage time and time off

Manage employee absences and requests for leave within the one system. Automatically calculate leave entitlement based on your company settings, operate simple and intuitive leave request and approval workflows and inform all necessary parties with notifications and e-mails. That’s what you can expect from TimeTac.

What's important to you? What problem do you want to solve? Here is what we can offer you...

Employee Time Tracking

Track employee attendance, including arrival, departure and break times. Automatically manage overtime and produce productivity reports. Convenient solutions with tablet computers and employee time clocks.

Project Time Tracking

As per employee time tracking, but workers record their time on specific stations or tasks. Easily switch between tasks from the tablet computer interface. View detailed statistics per employee, project and station.

Leave Management

Know when your employees will be absent an plan accordingly. Ensure personnel crises are a thing of the past. Automatic entitlement calculation, request process and public holiday calendars are included as standard.