Time Tracking and Absence Management Software for Mac, iPhone and iPad

  • Employee and project time tracking, as well as absence management
  • Mobile time tracking via iPhone and iPad – even with no coverage!
  • Flexible and customisable to customer needs
  • Try it for 30 days, free of charge
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Record your working day from your Mac

Are you looking for a time tracking system to work with Macs and OSX? TimeTac is a web-based solution that is optimised for use in Safari on your Mac. From the simple recording of time and attendance, to complex project time recording and absence management: it’s all possible in TimeTac!

Mobile time tracking for iPhone and iPad

TimeTac allows you to record your working time and project completion via iPhone and iPad. The time tracking app runs discreetly in the background – even when you have no reception. It is the ideal solution for employees who work out of the office, on business trips or frequently visit customers.


Time clock solutions for many employees

You can combine classic employee time clocks with the modern time tracking systems for iPhone and Mac. You can even use an iPad as a time clock for multiple employees, proving to be an elegant solution for the reception area of your company. They even provide the ideal time tracking solution for warehouses, factories and other manual labour locations.

All data in one system

Automatic synchronising of data ensures that switching between devices is not a problem. An employee can easily begin and end their working day via a time clock, while conveniently recording their break from the comfort of their desk via their Mac, or while leaving the building via their iPhone. TimeTac makes time tracking from your Mac, iPhone and other devices simple and problem free!

What solutions can we offer your company? Here are our products...

Employee Time Tracking

Conveniently track time and attendance, including arrival, departure and break times. Solutions for the office and on the move via iPhone and iPad.

Project Time Tracking

Employees record their time against specific projects and tasks; gain detailed statistics of how much time and money is spent on each activity.

Leave Management

The ideal planning tool for managing employee absence and annual leave. Request time off from your Mac, or while on the move with your iPhone or iPad.