Time Tracking of Medical Staff, Carers and time with Patients

  • Ground staff track arrival at patients via their smartphone
  • Record arrival and departure time of each visit
  • Optional GPS and checkpoint tracking to confirm location
  • Monitor all time tracking data from the comfort of the office
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... possibility to have up-to-date employee working hours, project status and holiday plans within our control. Flexible, solution-oriented and reliable. Very good consultation with our personal contact partner completes this product ...

A quick scan to capture all you need

Track arrival and departure times at different patients from the convenience of our smartphone app. Allow manual tracking of time, or require a contact with an NFC sticker which is placed at the property. This ensures the exact moment that your staff arrive and leave the property is recorded.

Track and monitor in a single application

Tracking time allows you to see data relating to specific employees, clients, patients and activities. You always see live data and can produce reports at any time. Our leave management offering also helps you plan for the days when your employees are absent.

The one system for the office and for on the move

Your employees can see their time tracking data from their smartphone. You can see all up-to-date data from the comfort of your office. Monitor when patients are being visited, ensure staff are taking breaks and create the reports you need, all from your office desk.

Need a solution to improve scheduling and time tracking? Here's what we can offer you...

Employee Time Tracking

Track time and attendance, including arrival and departure time from patients. Our smartphone solutions and NFC checkpoints provide a user-friendly solution for tracking time, as well as commuting distance and expense.

Project Time Tracking

Track time against specific projects or tasks; ideal for those employees who frequently differ in their daily tasks. Capture data relating to each activity, producing statistics and reports relating to working hours and costs.

Leave Management

Plan cover for the times when employees will be absent. Employees request leave within the same system as their time tracking application; easy for you to approve and manage. Say goodbye to hand written forms and calendars.