Reliable Time Tracking of Attendance and Productivity in your Office

  • Record employee attendance with arrival and departure times
  • Compatible in browser, on smartphones and tablets
  • Employee time clock solutions for your reception
  • Leave management solution to manage employee absences
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... As a consultancy company with a diverse office environment, our working hours are dictated by our customers. TimeTac allows us to make sure all legal requirements are met and overtime is reliably recorded. ...

Desktop PC, Mac, smartphone, time clocks: we have all bases covered

Track employee attendance from numerous compatible devices. Let your staff record their working time from the comfort of their desktop computers, or the extremely busy can even change task from their smartphone while on the move. You can also track your arrival, departure and break times from one of our time clocks; add a modern touch to a classic practice in your office.

Easily manage your organisation on every level

Divide your organisation into the teams and departments that reflect your company’s structure. Allow managers to approve requests of their employees, see statistics based on each team and allow employees to see when their colleagues will be absent.

A solution for time spent in and out of the office

Integrate our leave management solution alongside our time tracking offering. Employees can request annual leave with ease and the integrated workflow ensures that the relevant manger is informed of the request. Managers have numerous resources at their disposal before accepting or rejecting the request.

What solution are you looking for in the office? Take a look at our products...

Employee Time Tracking

Track arrival, departure and break times; an automated system to capture employee attendance. Record from a desktop computer, our smartphone app or one of our employee time clocks.

Project Time Tracking

Track time against specific project and tasks; each can be allocated different cost and revenue rates. View detailed statistics and produce reports for employee, projects and clients; a great invoicing aid.

Leave Management

An all-in-one workflow system for requesting and approving annual leave. The solution can also track absences, compensation time, and other leave types, such as maternity leave and doctor's visit.