Retail Time and Attendance Monitoring with Scheduling, Overtime and Absence Management

  • Track employee attendance, arrival, departure and break times
  • Automatically enforce break and working hour regulations
  • Define rules for overtime rates and compensation time
  • View reports and recorded working times from the office
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... we have been using the tool with approximately 130 employees for nearly 2 years, using many of the options offered by TimeTac, from NFC smartphone check in to the leave management solution ...

A reliable system without space consuming desktop computers

Conveniently track employee attendance and working times with one of our time clocks; a perfect addition to your retail environment. Conveniently place upon the wall, employees can record arrival, departure and breaks times with a simple contact of an NFC key ring or a read of their fingerprint.

Hours worked, time of arrival, overtime earned and more

Generate reports about employee performance in a matter of clicks. Define filters such as date, groups of employees and task types; all data is available for you to view at any time. You can naturally export or print the data to use as you so wish.

Plan the time, track the time

Ensure that the shop floor is always attended to with our shift planner. You can create rotas for your staff in a convenient calendar display, which they can view themselves in browser or on their smartphone. Pair this with our leave management solution for the perfect personnel planning resource.

How can we make your processes better? Here are the products that can help...

Employee Time Tracking

Plan employee shift rotas and track attendance; use one of our convenient time clocks to record arrival and departure times as well as breaks. Define settings for overtime and break regulations.

Project Time Tracking

Track time against specific projects and tasks; ideal for knowing how much time was spent on the shop floor, in the stock room, dispatching online orders etc. View detailed statistics and reports for all activities.

Leave Management

Stay one step ahead during busy periods. A single solution for requesting and processing annual leave requests, coupled with resource planning tools, ensure that you always have your personnel availability in sight.