Time Tracking for Security Patrols, with Checkpoint and GPS Location Monitoring

  • Attendance time tracking via smartphone apps
  • Confirm patrol routes with NFC checkpoints
  • Define rules for earning overtime and compensation time
  • Easily maintain an overview from your office desk
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Solutions for any type of environment

Track time with either a time clock or smartphone. Our time clocks, which use either NFC of fingerprint technology, allow your employee to track time with ease when they arrive on site. Alternatively, have your employees log in using our smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Maintain contact with your personnel at every moment

Ensure that patrols are being completed with NFC checkpoint time tracking. NFC stickers are placed throughout the site that your staff patrol; a simple contact of their smartphone registers that they have attended that location and the time they arrived. Optionally, you can also confirm the position of your employees with the GPS functionality of the app.

The complete solution for all employees

TimeTac is not just limited to the smartphone app or desktop browser version. Both work harmoniously together, allowing your staff to track their patrols on the move and your office employees to record their current working activities. You can then can view all the data from the comfort of your chair.

Secure and reliable; data that matches the industry. Here are the products that we offer...

Employee Time Tracking

Track time and attendance from one of our employee time clocks, or using our smartphone app; ideal for those who are out on patrol. Combine with our NFC checkpoint tracking for the perfect solution.

Project Time Tracking

As per employee time tracking, but employees record their time on specific tasks that you create. Ideal if you want to know how much time is spent observing CCTV systems, patrolling sites, transporting money etc.

Leave Management

Track time when you are at work and use our leave management solution for the times you are not. Monitor absences, process employee leave requests and utilise staff availability calendars for optimal planning.