Time Tracking Software for Swiss Companies – precise, secure and reliable

  • Simple solutions for adhering to time tracking regulations
  • Public holiday calendars for every canton
  • Calculation and logging of overtime and excess hours
  • Secure data centres in Germany – your data never leaves the EU
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... a well-engineered product for the recording of attendance, project times, employee working hours and absences that was nevertheless adaptable to our requirements. Our employees use TimeTac on a daily basis via smartphone and PC ...

Optimised for time tracking in Switzerland

Is your company located in Switzerland? Have you recently become aware of the regulations regarding record keeping of employee working hours? TimeTac is optimised for time tracking in Swiss companies, as statutory regulations are incorporated into the application, alongside regular free updates, guaranteeing that you are always on the safe side of any future regulation alterations.

Timesheet reports with flexible working time models

You can define working time models, informing TimeTac of an employee’s normal working hours. The timesheet report in TimeTac then shows the key figures relating to an employee’s working time: overtime, excess hours, sick leave, compensation time, holidays, total working time and much more.


Public holiday calendars for every canton

All of the time tracking applications from TimeTac have integrated public holiday calendars for each canton. Every employee can be assigned to their own calendar, making collaboration simple between locations within Switzerland. You can freely edit the public holiday templates if desired, adding any of your own company holidays with ease.

Automatic calculation of overtime and excess hours

TimeTac can calculate overtime and excess hours, as well as any attributed premium rates. The premiums can be configured to optimally integrate with your company; you can even grant ad hoc additional premiums. TimeTac adapts and integrates seasmlessly into your company.