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Flexible time tracking software solutions
... After two years of chaos, we have finally found a new time management solution in TimeTac which actually works! ...

Record working times live and with timesheets

Whether you’re used to filling out timesheets by hand or you want a system to automate the entire time tracking process, TimeTac can happily accommodate you. A simple click is enough to begin live time tracking, measuring the amount of time spent on specific projects and tasks if desired, or you can stick to routine and fill out timesheets at the end of the day or week.

Convenient time clock solutions for all environments

Make time tracking even simpler with one of our time clocks; ideal for your office or reception area. Employees can begin tracking their working time as soon as they arrive in the office. A simple contact of an NFC tag or a swipe of a fingerprint is enough to identify an employee and allow them to carry on with their normal working day.


Smartphone and NFC solutions for working outside the office

Frequently work outside the office? Dedicated smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone allow employees to record their working times while on the move; the apps can even store their working hours offline until you next establish a connection, saving on expensive data roaming charges. NFC solutions are also available with our smartphone apps, providing hassle-free time tracking in many areas of work.


Detailed statistics and customisable reports to your exact needs

Statistics can be displayed for individual users, projects, clients and task types, among multiple other possibilities. Generate reports of employee and department productivity, as well as a timesheet report, displaying in depth information on a per employee basis, such as working hours, break times, overtime earned, absences and much more.

Customisable level of access and permissions for employees

TimeTac has “Manager” and “User” accounts by default; managers have access to the tracked data of employees within the department, whereas normal users are only concerned with their own data. All access rights, such as the ability to edit recorded working hours and whether an employee can track time via the smartphone app are freely customisable.

Time tracking perfectly combined with leave management

TimeTac offers the perfect overview of working hours when you’re in the office, but what about those times when you are absent? Our leave management solution allows employees to request time off which a manager then approves; TimeTac automatically calculates leave entitlement, sends request notifications to all relevant parties, incorporates public holidays and more.


Employee Time Tracking

Employees record their arrival, departure and break times, producing reports of their working hours.

Project Time Tracking

Record time spent on specific projects and tasks, producing accurate statistics and simplifying the invoicing of clients.

Leave Management

Automate the entire process of leave entitlement calculation, holiday requests, public holidays and more.