Online Timesheet Software & Live Tracking: both Simple and Flexible

  • Flexible time tracking: as it happens or afterwards
  • Live time tracking with simple start/stop controls
  • Timesheet software solution with direct input of working hours
  • Detailed lists and overview calendar displays for comprehensive functionality
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Flexible time tracking software solutions
... and still susceptible to change. As a result, flexible partners are a must. TimeTac offer customer oriented time management tools in which the requirements of Tractive were met to the utmost satisfaction ...

Comprehensive live time tracking with a simple click

Live time tracking ensures that your recorded working hours start and stop when you do. A single click begins time tracking in the morning, then TimeTac runs discreetly in your browser; you can take breaks when you need to and can also end your working day with another, simple click. This guarantees that your time tracking is accurate, precise and reliable. With project time tracking, you can even record your working hours against specific projects, clients and tasks.

An update on your traditional timesheets

If you’re used to using timesheets, we can understand that you might not want to move away from that traditional aspect. Input your working hours into TimeTac as you would have done previously and access the extensive, automatically calculated reports and statistics that you could not have dreamed of before. Whether you record times live or via timesheets is up to you; you can define how each individual employee tracks their working times in your company.

Integrated alteration approval system

TimeTac is a reliable method of recording working hours, thanks to the integrated approval system for making alterations to recorded working times. If an employee didn’t track the first hour of their day, or they forgot to stop tracking for their lunch break, then they can request an alteration to their working hours. These requests are forwarded the appropriate manager who, after notification in the application and via e-mail, can process their request. Intuitive, reliable and secure.

Live and timesheet time tracking, even from a smartphone

Whether you only work outside of the office now and then, or you’re used to seeing the landscape more often than not, your time tracking solution on your smartphone should offer you as much functionality as possible. Our smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone allow you to track time live, as well as at a later date, just like the timesheets that you may be used to.