Department and Team Time Tracking Solutions

  • Time tracking for individuals and groups
  • Detailed reporting for departments and teams
  • Calendar resources for optimal planning of group activities
  • Leave management addition available to provide the perfect overview of personnel
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Flexible time tracking software solutions
... TimeTac allows us to have the flexibility we need in precise time tracking of our diverse projects. The country specific settings simplify the leave and public holiday management in our various office locations ...

Team calendars offer the perfect overview of your department’s resources

Maintain the perfect overview of resources within your department thanks to the team calendar in TimeTac. Employees can see when their colleagues within the department have planned absences, helping to avoid the scheduling of meetings and events when key persons will be absent. Managers can maintain an overview of working hours within the department through a glimpse at the team calendar, where it clearly highlights any erroneous working hour records.


Easily record working times for entire teams

Especially convenient when working outside the office, TimeTac allows you to record working times for multiple employees, including entire teams and departments. You can easily select the necessary employees from within the desktop application or from your smartphone app to record the working hours for. This proves to be very convenient when working on field excursions, or particularly for those industries who always work in teams, such as constructions units.


Configure approval responsibilities for your department

Every company has different processes and methods of routine, which is why TimeTac offers a great degree of flexibility in how you manage your employees. Customisable approval responsibilities ensure that the right person receives the requests awaiting approval, whether they be requests for time off or for working hour alterations. Place the responsibility in the hands of a department secretary, human resources employee or the overall boss. You configure how you want your company to work with TimeTac.


Produce reports and statistics for individuals, teams and departments

Once you’ve recorded the working time, the numerous reporting possibilities will ensure you can obtain the exact data which you need. One of the many filters allows you to display reports for specific teams and departments; you can focus the data even further upon specific time frames, projects, clients, activity type etc. All reports can naturally be printed and exported for use in other applications or however you desire.


Integrated request and approval workflow

Once an employee places a request, they can see it in their dashboard overview and follow its approval status. Managers are informed of an incoming request on their dashboard, optionally via e-mail as well, and then have all the necessary resources to make the right decision. The leave management solution displays the employee’s entitlement as well as other planned absences in their department.