Seamless Time Tracking Integration with Exports and our API

  • Numerous exporting possibilities out of the box
  • Integrate existing systems, such as Active Directory
  • Use time tracking data for payroll, invoicing and much more
  • Custom reports and export possibilities available on request
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Flexible time tracking software solutions
... The developers were very flexible and could account for all of our requirements. The support is readily available and they can immediately assist with any problems, offering excellent problem solving skills ...

Seamless integration with existing data and systems

A lot of companies approach us with existing systems, wishing to not lose their previously recorded data. We understand this worry, that’s why we offer implementation services for integrating existing data into our time tracking system. We can even configure active synchronisation between other programs and TimeTac.


Print and export reports

You have most likely tracked working hours because you need the data. TimeTac allows you to easily print reports and statistics, as well as export them via CSV, XLS and PDF formats. The numerous filtering options ensure that you can produce those reports with the specific details you need, relating to whichever time frame, employee, project or task type that you may need.


Numerous customisation options available

The usage of TimeTac is intuitive and self-explanatory, however, companies will always have different regulations as to how processes should be executed. Upon consultation, we can suggest the best configuration of our time tracking solution for your company, including how time can be tracked, how to enforce mandatory break regulations, how overtime can be correctly handled and how employees can request time off, to name a few.

TimeTac API

Do you need a specific feature or specific data to be captured from your time tracking system? We pride ourselves on the ability to offer tailor-made solutions for our customers, often creating entirely new functions when required. Contact us today to find out how we can implement it into the software.