Desks are piled high with to-dos, colleagues are hurrying around the office stressed, everybody is in urgent need of feedback and it’s only 9:30am! This typical scene is what most of us experience before a well-deserved vacation. However, the anticipation and excitement of a long awaited holiday can soon be overshadowed by stress when on-going projects at work need to be rashly closed. It is simply chaos waiting to happen!

However, organising work load and making effective preparations a week or so before a planned vacation can make a huge difference in reducing stress before a vacation. The following tips highlight how you can successfully achieve this:

The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Most of us tend to plan our vacation well in advance, which effectively enables us plenty of time to spread out our work load, but only when we are well organised do we tend to use this to our advantage. Therefore, it is important to try and minimise your to-dos as much as possible a week or two before beginning your vacation. Inform your colleagues and important clients early on about any planned breaks you have in store so, if required, they are able to make alternative arrangements in your absence.

Setting Priorities
It is not expected that you will be able to complete all your to-dos before taking a vacation and for this reason it is important to set out your priorities. For example, determine which tasks have a closer deadline and complete these first before moving on to other projects that could easily be put on hold until you are back after your vacation. Moreover, keeping a record of your priorities will enable you to focus more on your most important tasks, which is why you may find it helpful to explore the time tracking software from TimeTac. The package is used by many businesses all over the world as it is known for its efficient time management and task allocating options.

Delegating Tasks
Tasks which will not be completed before your vacation should be delegated to other colleagues. Do not shy away from passing on responsibility! Otherwise you will most likely find that once you’re on vacation, you’re unable to relax as you simply cannot steer your mind off the thought of work.

Clear and Tidy File Ordering System
“A tidy house, a tidy mind!“ is what we may have heard our mum tell us, but this saying is just as true in the world of work. Therefore, try organising your files and other relevant documents in an alphabetical or chronological order, which will not only ease your work load when you come back from vacation, but your colleagues will also thank you for it while you are away.

Be Positive!
When you have a positive outlook on life, overcoming stress is a walk in the park. Thus having a positive attitude before your vacation will help you to enjoy the last few days at work. A good way to keep yourself in a good mood is by listening to music on your way to work or by reading the travel guide in your lunch break!

Which tips and tricks do you consult in order to organise your work load and avoid stress before a vacation?